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School Performances

This year 2024 at Ashford Hill Primary School we will be performing Disney's Frozen Jr.

We are so lucky to have an unbelievable amount of talent at Ashford Primary School.  We will fill the stage with 83  of our children on the day of the show.  It was incredible to see 54 of these children audition for leading roles: we were blown away! 

Our show has now been cast and scripts have been handed out to children with a large number of lines or songs.  As we start to rehearse further, lyrics and script pages will be given to smaller characters for them to rehearse with at home. 

If you would like to start rehearsing the songs at home,  here is a link that may be helpful.  If your child has a part that speaks over music, it important to rehearse with the rehearsal track to get the timing perfect.  The more that these parts are rehearsed, the more that the children will grow in confidence to perform to be the very best that they can be.  

Music Tracks | Somerville Children (

Top Tips for reharsing at home:

-  Listen to the song through so that you can hear where the melody leads.  

- Listen again and think about the meaning of the words

- Use the rehearsal track and sing along as many times as you like - the more mistakes you make, the       more you will learn about the geography of the song!

- Start by using your lyrics and the rehearsal track.  You might like to learn the song in sections

- Then, just use the rehearsal track without lyrics as many times as you can until you feel confident

- Then, give it a go with the backing track only.  Act like the superstar that you are!

- The real magic is, that if you rehearse a lot and you think you have forgotten the words-  your body will do all the remembering for you and the words will come out all on their own!  Give it a try!


Below, we have added PPT lyrics for the ensemble numbers. We will add to these as we learn them in school.  Songs and who sings them are detailed below  - this might help you to rehearse the songs you want to along with the tracks on the link Music Tracks | Somerville Children (

Song Named Characters Ensemble to learn
Let the sun Shine On Young Elsa, Young Anna, King and Queen Yes
A Little Bit of You Young Elsa and Young Anna No
First Joik Queen, Pabbie, Bulda  Yes
Do you want to build a snowman?  Young Elsa and Anna, Middle Elsa and Anna, King and Queen No
For the first time in forever Anna, Elsa, Castle Staff Yes
Dangerous to Dream Elsa, Bishop, Anna Yes (end)
Love is an open door Anna,  Hans No
Reindeers are better than people Kristoff and Sven No
In Summer Olaf and Sven  Yes
Hygge Oaken and Oaken team (Y2 selected boys), Kristoff Yes
Let it Go Elsa and snow chorus Yes
For the first time in forever reprise Elsa and Anna and snow chorus No
Kristoff's Joik Kristoff and Hidden Folk Yes
Fixer Upper Pabbie, Bulda, Kristoff, Olaf and hidden folk Yes
Colder by the minute Elsa, Hans Yes
Finale Part 1 Elsa, Anna, Olaf Yes
Finale Part 2 All Elsas and All Annas, Olaf and Kristoff Yes