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Our Vision

'Be the best we can be'

Our Vision

A safe and secure environment for children to learn and flourish

Relationships built on mutual respect for all

High quality teaching and high expectations at the centre of everything we do

Ambitious, challenging and fully taught, rich curriculum

Access to the curriculum for all children

Supportive, nurturing and developmental environment for all and by all

Opportunities to gain cultural capital for all children

Empowering children to have their own self-efficacy, understand their moral and social responsibility, along with the importance of their place in society and the world.

Curriculum Drivers


Community – we want children to be aware that they are part of a school community as well as a local, national and international community


Real experiences – we offer the children inspirational experiences to enhance their learning


Let the children steer – children are encouraged to have a valued input over the direction of their learning


Problem solving – we want children to be able to think creatively and question in order to tackle problems in a range of ways.



Learning Behaviours


Independence – we want children to settle in to their learning quickly and use their initiative


Reflective - we want our pupils to instinctively review and reflect their work and be willing to adapt and change in order that they can improve


Motivated – we want children to be excited in their learning and develop a ‘what next?’ attitude


Creative – we want children to be express their thoughts, ideas and feelings in a variety of ways


Resilience – we want children to have a growth mindset when tackling challenges



Our wider curriculum covers the National Curriculum aims and objectives and is organised into topics. All our topics provide ways of motivating pupils through real experiences and embed skills which deepen understanding and through problem-solving, allow pupils to apply the learned knowledge. Throughout the pupils’ learning, we want them to reflect and evaluate in order to become experts, so we therefore provide opportunities for them to share and reflect.


The impact of our curriculum is measured through a range of assessment strategies to assess pupils’ learning including summative, formative and qualitative. Summative assessment will capture progress at key points throughout the curriculum, is subject specific and supports adapted planning for next steps. Formative assessment is ongoing across all subjects with teachers providing feedback opportunities day by day and week by week.

The Principal and other key staff will review the curriculum through learning walks and evaluation of planning and children’s outcomes.