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Year 1 Summer Half Term

Hello Year 1 families :)


Your children have made so much progress this year in phonics, their reading and writing is incredible.


After half term we will do the Phonics Screening Check with them to see how much progress they have made, it will be a very informal occassion and the children love coming out to do a little reading with me. They might even get a biscuit before they go in.


It is bad timing though with half term - it is so easy to get out of the swing of things in a week off. I have put some videos below to help keep them in the flow so that they can show off to the best of their ability.


If you are able to do a couple of these videos every now and then, please do - they are very short, if they can do little and often then it will be so beneficial for them :)


Hope you all have a lovely half term.


Alex Walker