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On a windy day it is great fun to make a kite using a plastic bag and some string. Tie one handle to the piece of string and off you go.

Make a kite out of paper and decorate it if it is too windy to go outside.

Half Term Homework

Ask your parents about when they were little. What did they want to be when they grew up?  What job do they do now? If they are not currently working, what jobs have they done before? Did the achieve what they wanted to do or did they change their mind?

Half term challenge

We have been thinking about how can improve on our abilities by practising really hard. So this week I want you to try to improve on some things.

1.Improve your counting. How far can you count now. Ask your parents to set a target for you to practise and improve. Eg. If you can count to 29, your target could be to count to 40.

If you can count to 10, then practise counting to 20.

2. How long can you balance on one leg? Ask your mum or dad to time you at the beginning of the week. Practise every day to see how much can improve. If you get really good you can try it with your eyes closed!

3. Practise reading these words. Ask mummy or daddy to write them on separate pieces of paper so that the order can be changed.  How long does it take you to read the words at the beginning of the week. How quickly can you read them at the end?

Speedy green words- it at an up in is pat sat pin tin sit pat bin pan pup cup 

Red words- I the my put of

Now choose something for yourself!






You've heard the rhymes! Here they are for you to see, it would be great if the children could practise writing 'a', 'g' and 'd' especially.




Phonics for 18th February


Have fun!






Fred games




Welcome to Willow's class page. 

Well What a busy half term we have had! The children have settled in well and have made lots of new friends and got to know their teachers. They have enjoyed playing with the different toys and learning about their new school. They are still learning about the rules for the setting but are really trying to do their best to do the right thing. 

We started the term thinking about "Our Family and pets". The children drew pictures of their families and talked about their pets. We made a class pictogram showing our pets and this led to some counting activities.


We went on an Autumn walk and made leaves to create a tree in the classroom. We talked about the changes that happen in the Autumn.

During the last two weeks we have been thinking about Halloween! So we have had stories about Winnie the Witch who is a friendly witch. We have used chalk on black paper to draw pictures of Winnie. Some children also drew her at the seaside and with her cat, Wilbur. This week we have "The Cauldron Cafe" in our classroom. The children have taken turns to be either the chef, waiter or customer and dress up in witch/wizard/skeleton/ghost/bat costumes.  The children have a menu from which they can choose items such as "Rat Pie" and have to count their pennies to pay their food. Some children have also learnt how to buy two items and add the amounts together by counting the pennies. We are having fun with pumpkins this week too. 

The children have really made an excellent start to their school journey but they are certainly ready for the half term break!

We have started learning letters now. The children have learnt the letters m a t s i p o n and d. They have been taught the sound and how to write each one. 


m   mmmmmmountain  Maisie mountain mountain   

a     a-a-a-a-apple         Round the apple and down the leaf

t      t-t-t-tower              Down the tower, across the tower.

s     ssssssssssssnake      Slither down the snake

i      i-i-i-insect               Down the body and dot for his head.

d     d-d-d-dinosaur       Round his bottom, up  his tall neck and down to his feet.

n     nnnnnet                   Down Nobby and over his net.

p     p-p-p-pirate            Down the plait, up the plait and round the pirates face.

o     o-o-o-orange          Round the orange


The children could practise these letters during the half term break. Look out for them when you are out and about to reinforce the sounds.


Enjoy this short slide show!