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Picture 1
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Picture 3 A new castle for Winnie the Witch


This term we have started with a short topic about Halloween and Bonfire night. The children have been dressing up as witches and wizards in our role play area. They have enjoyed making spells and some children have written some spells too. They had to decide what their spell would do. There were a variety of idea including turning teachers into frogs! 

This Monday we had a visit from the Police as some of the children had shown an interest in the work of the police in their play. It was very exciting to dress up in uniforms and get inside the Police van. Pictures to follow. 

We are going to be starting to learn songs for the Nativity play very soon. The children in Willow will be animals in the performance and as soon as we know what they will be we will send letters home asking for support with costumes if necessary.



Well, what a great few weeks we have had despite the weather. 

We had planned to have a mini topic based on the book Funny Bones to support the previous work on our senses. However, last week one little boy decided to become a pirate. He made an eye patch and a boat. He then had to have a pirate's hat of course. 

So I helped him to make one. 

Very quickly the other children became excited about making pirate eye patches, hats, boats etc. and so our plans had to change! 

The following day we found a treasure map in our classroom and we all put on our pirate hats and eye patches and went to search for treasure.


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And this is what we found!!
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So, since then we have been busy making treasure maps, pirate ships and treasure chests.

We have also made pirate ship flags and painted pictures of our own pirates. Some children even wrote sentences about their pictures.

Who knows, we may even have a visit from pirates in the next few days!




Picture 1 A scary pirate with a treasure map and telescope.
Picture 2 Making pirate ships outside.
Picture 3
Picture 4 Off to sea in a pirate ship!
Picture 5 Painting a treasure chest gold and silver!
Picture 6 Adding some jewels and sparkles.
Picture 7 What a beautiful treasure chest!
Let's hope the pirates don't find them!

Week beginning 23.9.19

The children are settled and enjoying investigating, creating and developing friendships in Willow. They have been investigating their environment using all their senses. 


We have been working on fine motor skills by sorting pasta, colouring, threading and painting. 

The children have learnt to get ready for P.E.  and have joined in with the rest of the school in Merit assemblies. 

What a great start! 

Picture 1 improving our fine motor skill with pasta sorting
Picture 2 Some children enjoyed making a zoo.
Picture 3 Off on an adventure!
Picture 4 Making an obstacle course.
Picture 5 Building a house.
Picture 6 In the mud pit!

Welcome to Willow 2019. 

So, after a first week of home visits, the new children in Year R started school happily this week. The feedback from parents has been that the children are really happy and enjoying school. So a positive start. 

Karen Gough and I have spent the week getting to know the children and helping them to  feel confident and to get to grips with some of the rules and routines of the school and class. 

The children have learnt about morning routines, lunch time routines, a few class rules and home time routines.  

They have met the other classes, toured the school, learnt some new songs, listened to stories, engaged in number activities, painted, played with the toys, played in the sand and water, dressed up, engaged in role play and of course, made new friends. The list is endless! 


Just a few pictures of our first few days...
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Picture 6

Please can I remind parents that children need


  • wellies 
  • a water bottle
  • PE kit ( T shirt and shorts for this term).  
  • a key ring on their book bags


There will be a meeting in September about the EYFS Reception class year in which I will explain further about the ethos and practise in Early Years. The date for this will be in the school newsletter. After half term I will also be offering training for parents where I will help you to support your children to learn to read and write.