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May 25th 2021

I cannot believe how quickly this term has gone. It is lovely to have the children back in school and settled into a routine. This term we started by telling the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. The children painted pictures, wrote captions  and learnt about the life cycle of plants. They have all planted a bean seed These seemed to take a long time to start growing but we have a few shoots now. We have also read the story of "The Hungry Caterpillar". The children created a picture of a caterpillar, have made butterflies, learnt about the life cycle and recently written a simplified version of the story as a ziz-zag book. We will continue with this theme until half term. The children have been working on throwing and catching and team games in P.E. They have also had access to the wooden on Fridays (weather permitting) which continues to develop their gross motor skills, co-ordination and strength. In maths we have continued to work on counting and recognition of numbers to 20 and beyond and addition using equipment. We are still looking forward to the warm summer weather but hopefully we will get some sunny days soon! 

Parents evening times Tuesday 23rd February shared with parents



4th January 2021

Hi Willow parents and children

I am going to drop off a pack of work for the children in Willow for this week. In the pack is a variety of activities and  my email address for Ashford Hill. This email tends to be more reliable than my other school email!   I am hoping that we will be able to deliver some live phonics teaching and story/show and tell time. 


Please watch this video story and talk about winter and kindness.


This video is about animals in winter


5 little snowmen song

Learn the song and then extend to 10 little snowmen (support question "how many are left?" with pictures as necessary. Some children may be able to count back mentally. 


Winter time song with Mr Tumble


Physical development- yoga videos. The children enjoy these and it helps with their physical development.


Please contact me via this email. Please attach any work they have done via photos so I can respond.



Thank you.

Mrs Yeo

9th October 2020

Well the children have been busy settling in! We have been reading the story of the Gruffalo as several children were playing games based around the story. We have used puppets and practised telling the story and also watched the movie! We have also been reading Hairy Maclary stories which are also rhyming stories. Rhyme is an important foundation on which to build later phonics teaching. We have also been doing lots counting, role play, small world play, water and sand play,  construction, art, etc. and of course, learning to work together and become good friends. And let's not forget the MUD PIT!!!!

Here are some photos of the children enjoying their first few weeks at school.

A big welcome to all the new children in Willow. Most children managed to visit last week for our stay and play sessions and had a lovely time. This week we will be seeing all of them for part of the week and hopefully this will build their confidence further. The children who have been here so far this week have been very happy which is a great start. We are looking forward to seeing the rest of the children tomorrow afternoon from 1.00.

A reminder of the things they need to bring

A named water bottle

P.E. kit suitable for outdoor P.E. 


Waterproof coat

A spare pair of socks to be kept in their P.E. bags.

A change of clothes including underwear if you feel they might need them.



Information for new year R in September

I have made a slide show for the new children to look at showing them about the school.


Hello again everyone. I hope you have been enjoying some of the activities I suggested. I have heard that Nathan and Tom have been making model caterpillars. Some children have also been bug hunting. If you haven't  done this it is still ok to do one! 


So I have found a lovely video for you to watch. It is a lovely rhyming story about a caterpillar. If you watch the video first there are some activities to follow up. 


Caterpillar Shoes

1. Design a pair of caterpillar shoes.

2. Write a list of the creatures he met. Confident writer could write a simpler version of the story where the caterpillar could meet other insects such as a ladybird and an earwig and then illustrate it.


Minibeast Riddles

Fold a piece of card/paper in half (like a birthday card. On the front of the card writ 2 or 3 simple sentences about the minibeast, e.g. I have 8 legs. I can make a web. What am I? Then inside the card draw a picture of the minibeast with a sentence e.g.  "I am a Spider.

The children can test their riddle on grandparents or other children if they are able to do so over the internet.


More able writers could add more information or do several riddles to make it a bit more challenging for them,




find 5 pairs of shoes. Mix them up and ask your child to count them. Then ask your child to sort them into pairs. Count the pairs. Try this with differetn numbers of pairs. You could do a similar thing sorting socks (maybe after they have been washed!)

Then try some of these problems with them. (They can use the real shoes to support them to solve the problems.) They should draw pictures to record their work. 

If a caterpillar has 6 legs, how many pairs of shoes will he need.

If a spider has 8 legs, how many pairs of shoes will he need?

A woodlouse needs 5 pairs of shoes, how many legs does he have?

How many pairs of shoes will 2 ants need?

How many pairs of shoes will 2 spiders need?



How many shoes did the caterpillar give away on his journey?

Use pictures to solve. 

It should not be solved abstractly using just addition of numbers. 



Below are some craft activities you could try. 

There are also some phonics activities. Most children should practise reading the phase 3 words with sound buttons and phase three tricky words games. Some children may find this more challenging and will need more support. If you can print them you could divide them into smaller groups and practise 10 at a time.

The phase 4 game is a bit more tricky and for children who are reading simple sentences fairly with little adult support. They should be confident with phase 3 tricky words before they go onto the phase 4 game.


A couple of other maths activities to try...

Keep having  fun. Lot's of you are managing to see your friends using the internet which is great. 

See you all again soon.

Take care and keep safe.


Mrs Yeo


Just wanted to say a big thank you to all of Willow who took part in the video you sent. It was wonderful to see your smiling faces again. Mrs Gough and I were very proud of all of you. Thank you to Ben's dad for putting it together. 

I am currently putting together some more activities for you to do at home. 

Meanwhile I have found a great resource for maths activities.


It would be great if you could do activities from "Garden maths", " Arty Maths" "EYFS creative at home" and "lego maths". 

There are lots of really good ideas to choose from. 

I have also heard that some children have been writing letters to one another which is great to hear. Keep it up! 

Missing you all and hoping you and you families are safe and well.


Mrs Yeo and Mrs Gough.

Week beginning 23.4.20 

Hi everyone. I hope all of you are well and enjoying the sunshine. We would have been finding out about mini beasts this half term so I have put together some ideas based on the story "The very hungry caterpillar". I have given a link to an animated version of the story but if you have it at home please read it too.

I hope these ideas are useful. 

I have also added an Spring walk I-spy activity. I apologise for some of the photos as they were taken on my phone but all of the things to find I found whilst walking myself so all out there at the moment. I thought maybe it would give some focus to the children if they had some things to look for whilst out exercising.




Missing your smiling faces! But keep washing your hands and remember, even in the summer, I can phone Father Christmas to let him know if you are being good boys and girls for your mummies and daddies!


All the best. Keep safe.


Mrs Yeo

Week beginning 30.3.20

This week we would have been learning about Easter.


So activities for this week include

- Make an Easter card for Grandparents or other relatives the children wont be seeing over Easter. The children need to use their phonics to write a message inside the card. 

There are lots of ideas on pinterest. You could cut a potato in half and cut a pattern into it for printing eggs with paint. The children could press some spring flowers and stick them on or cut pictures from magazines. There are some lovely ideas using cotton wool for lambs too. I don't want to dictate too much as it really depends on what you have available.

Please let the children post the card themselves whilst exercising or scan it and help them to send it via the internet if you are in self isolation.

-Design own Easter egg

-Write a letter to Easter bunny

- Make Easter biscuits-

or and alternative

Practise reading and spelling all phase 2 tricky and high frequency words.

Better readers need to practise writing/spelling phase 3.


We would have been learning the story of The Little Red Hen during the last few weeksbefore/after Easter,  had we all been in school.

The children can still engage in this to some degree with your support.

- Use this link to help children to learn and retell with Pie Corbett actions. This supports development of concentration, listening and story language.


Draw a story map with your child to support retelling the story.

Learn the story of the Little Red Hen using actions as per video.

Other activities you could do with your child include:-

Making masks form paper plates to support retelling.

Making collages and models of the animals.

Making bread.

Using small world toys to set up a scene with animals to renact the story. (change the animals if necessary). They could think about what else they could make with flour and make something different at the end.


Stay safe and well everyone. Remember, with children this age they should have opportunities for sustained play to develop concentration. If you are struggling to get them to engage with topics suggested, follow their interests and find opportunities for counting, reading, writing, drawing, creating and physical development. 


ABCdoes is great for ideas and support if you are struggling to engage your child.


Take care everyone. 


This week we have really focused on germs and how they spread. We have reminded the children about hand washing. Today we used glitter to show the children how germs could spread by coughing. The children saw how coughing without putting their hand over their mouth spread the glitter. By the end of the morning the glitter had spread to all areas of the classroom! We also watched how soap acted on a bowl of water with pepper on the surface. As the soap is dropped in the pepper moves away. We discussed that this was like germs with the soap chasing the germs away or the germs not liking the soap so running away from it. Possibly not the best scientific explanation but it certainly demonstrated the need for soap! 


Covid 19

With the current situation we are aware that some families may need to self isolate, as may some members of staff. With this in mind, I have prepared a pack activities that children can do whilst in self isolation if they are not ill themselves. I will send these packs home with the children on Wednesday 18th March. These should only be done if the children are in isolation, however I know some of the "Keen Beans" in Willow may want to do them anyway! 

I will also add some website links for online learning to this page later. 


We have been working on Phase 2 and 3 of Letters and Sounds (phonics) so by all means enhance their learning opportunities by looking for sites to support this. They were given bookmarks with key words and tricky words so they could also practise reading and writing these. 

In maths we have been working on recognising all numbers to 20 and finding one more or one less than numbers to 10 and then 20. 


We are still finding out about owls so some children may wish to find out more. Their are lots of videos about owls on youtube which they may want to watch. 


The aliens landed again but this time in the woods. We went to look for them and some of us think we may have seen them. They sent us lots of messages and we wrote back to them. We painted pictures of aliens and designed space ships for them. We also created a space station role play area. 

We have been learning the story "Whatever Next". A teddy goes into space and on the way to the moon he meets an owl. The children acted out the story in small groups. 


This had led to further stories about owls. during the last few weeks we have read "Owl Babies", "The Owl who was afraid of the dark" and other stories. We have also been looking at non-fiction books about owls. All the children have made a page about owls to go in a class book. Many children have enjoyed finding out about owls and drawing pictures. We have also used feathers to create collages of owls. These will be shown at our class assembly before going on display in school. 

This week we have been finding out about things that happen in Spring and we went on a Spring walk. We found Spring flowers, buds and seedlings. 


27.1.20 This term we are going to be doing a topic about space. We have already heard stories about space and aliens and we have been working on building a space station. We will be making rockets and aliens froms boxes, lego, playdough etc. We are hoping that the aliens may visit us again (they have been before). 


We have been discussing kindness and being cool and we have a new class motto. 


It's cool to be kind!

So if the children say they have been cool in school you can ask them what kind things they have done!


A quick reminder that we will be doing some outdoor PE this term, dependent on the weather so the children will need outdoor kit including PE shoes.

What a busy Christmas term we have had!


This term we have started with a short topic about Halloween and Bonfire night. The children have been dressing up as witches and wizards in our role play area. They have enjoyed making spells and some children have written some spells too. They had to decide what their spell would do. There were a variety of idea including turning teachers into frogs! 

This Monday we had a visit from the Police as some of the children had shown an interest in the work of the police in their play. It was very exciting to dress up in uniforms and get inside the Police van. Pictures to follow. 

We are going to be starting to learn songs for the Nativity play very soon. The children in Willow will be animals in the performance and as soon as we know what they will be we will send letters home asking for support with costumes if necessary.



Well, what a great few weeks we have had despite the weather. 

We had planned to have a mini topic based on the book Funny Bones to support the previous work on our senses. However, last week one little boy decided to become a pirate. He made an eye patch and a boat. He then had to have a pirate's hat of course. 

So I helped him to make one. 

Very quickly the other children became excited about making pirate eye patches, hats, boats etc. and so our plans had to change! 

The following day we found a treasure map in our classroom and we all put on our pirate hats and eye patches and went to search for treasure.


And this is what we found!!

So, since then we have been busy making treasure maps, pirate ships and treasure chests.

We have also made pirate ship flags and painted pictures of our own pirates. Some children even wrote sentences about their pictures.

Who knows, we may even have a visit from pirates in the next few days!




Let's hope the pirates don't find them!

Week beginning 23.9.19

The children are settled and enjoying investigating, creating and developing friendships in Willow. They have been investigating their environment using all their senses. 


We have been working on fine motor skills by sorting pasta, colouring, threading and painting. 

The children have learnt to get ready for P.E.  and have joined in with the rest of the school in Merit assemblies. 

What a great start! 

Welcome to Willow 2019. 

So, after a first week of home visits, the new children in Year R started school happily this week. The feedback from parents has been that the children are really happy and enjoying school. So a positive start. 

Karen Gough and I have spent the week getting to know the children and helping them to  feel confident and to get to grips with some of the rules and routines of the school and class. 

The children have learnt about morning routines, lunch time routines, a few class rules and home time routines.  

They have met the other classes, toured the school, learnt some new songs, listened to stories, engaged in number activities, painted, played with the toys, played in the sand and water, dressed up, engaged in role play and of course, made new friends. The list is endless! 


Just a few pictures of our first few days...

Please can I remind parents that children need


  • wellies 
  • a water bottle
  • PE kit ( T shirt and shorts for this term).  
  • a key ring on their book bags


There will be a meeting in September about the EYFS Reception class year in which I will explain further about the ethos and practise in Early Years. The date for this will be in the school newsletter. After half term I will also be offering training for parents where I will help you to support your children to learn to read and write.