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Please have lots of fun in the snow. I would like you to take some pictures of you building snowmen and throwing snowballs. On Monday we can share all our fun pictures in show and tell.

You could also:

  • make snowflakes
  • draw a winter scene
  • bake a cake with your family
  • drink hot chocolate
  • read stories
  • go on a family winter walk
  • play I-spy on your winter walk
  • play board games together.
  • start to think about our next topic ('The Gingerbread Man')


I can't wait to hear all about your wintery weekend. Stay safe and warm and have lots of fun. See you all Monday :)

Mrs Graham

Week beginning 28th January 2019 -Space                                                                                                     


This week we received a letter from the Aliens. They came down to earth because they had heard we had made a fantastic rocket ship. However, they became stuck on our roof and needed our help to get back to their planet safely! We wrote amazing letters explaining how we could help them. Next week we are excited to learn about the traditional tale of 'The Gingerbread Man'.



This week we have been focusing on our tricky words no, I, go, and, the, to. We revised the sounds ll and ff and started to investigate the sounds w,v and x.



We have been looking at 2D (triangle, circle, square and rectangle) and 3D (cube, cuboid, cone, cylinder) shapes this week. Willow decided to use 3D shapes to build a spaceship for the aliens. We also used 2D shapes to create a repeated pattern on our alien underpants design.



We used different objects and experimented if heavier objects fell faster than lighter  objects. Our key words were 'heavy', 'light', 'heaviest', 'lightest' and we started to talk about gravity too.  We also watched a clip of the first moon landing, did you know he was called Neil Armstrong? We also looked at pictures of the Earth from space.



This week we have made:

  • A spaceship
  • 2D rocket pictures
  • Space paintings
  • 3D Moon, Sun and Earth

Welcome to Willow 2018. 

So, after a first week of home visits, the new children in Year R started school happily this week. The feedback from parents has been that the children are really happy and enjoying school. So a positive start. 

Karen Gough and I have spent the week getting to know the children and helping them to  feel confident and to get to grips with some of the rules and routines of the school and class. 

The children have learnt about morning routines, lunch time routines, a few class rules and home time routines.  

They have met the other classes, toured the school, learnt some new songs, listened to stories, engaged in number activities, painted, played with the toys, played in the sand and water, dressed up, engaged in role play and of course, made new friends. The list is endless! 


Well what a busy year we have had. It seems to have flown by. We are looking forward to our class assembly on Friday May 4th. Please support us.

This term we have started with the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. The children have been growing beans and will be growing other things too. Watch this space. 

Our bake sale last week raised about £140 so many thanks to everyone who supported us again. 

More to follow...

More to follow... 1
More to follow... 2
More to follow... 3

Week beginning 8th May.

The children have settled back into school. We have been learning about the life cycle of butterflies through stories. We are getting some butterfly cocoons to watch in class. This week we will be using the grounds to look at the plants and animals. The bake sale on Friday was successful so thank you for supporting us. Also, I hope those of you who were able to come to our class assembly enjoyed it. Mrs Gough and I were very proud of the children, all of whom had the courage to say something. Bearing in mind quite a few of them are only 4 it is quite amazing. 

Welcome back. We hope everyone had a good half term break. The first week back has been  Africa week. In Willow we listened to stories, learnt some African songs and wrote our own version of Handa's Hen( a story about a girl in Africa).Our story is called Willow's Guinea Pig and each child has written a page for our class book. The children used the story books to find out about animals that live in Africa. We also looked at some artefacts from Africa. Of course, we could not ignore Shrove Tuesday. The children mad pancakes with Mrs Gough and also made paper Pancakes using different collage materials for decoration. They then tried different toppings for their pancakes. The children had lots of fun learning about pancakes, cooking and reading recipes and even had a pancake race in the afternoon.  

This term we will be growing things for our garden. With Spring on the horizon we will be watching the plants grow and thinking about new life.




One of the children spent a long time carefully constructing a wonderful rocket station which I wanted to share with you all. It even had eight rockets waiting for take off.It was really imaginative and completely self-initiated. He used shapes to draw round on paper for the rocket fuel, which he then carefully cut out himself. This really showed imagination and creativity. It is also great to watch the children' confidence grow and see them begin to link different skills together in their own learning.
Picture 1 Here we are making pancakes!
Picture 2 Breaking the eggs! Very tricky!
Picture 3 This is a model of a rocket launching station.
Picture 4 This is the fuel store for the rocket station.

Happy New Year to everyone. Thank you for the lovely Christmas gifts we received from the parents and children of Willow. They were really appreciated. We know the children had an exciting time over the Christmas period but hope they ( and you) managed to get some rest. 

This term we will be having a Space theme for the first half of the term. We have already built a space ship for role play and some of the children have made oxygen packs to wear when they visit other planets. We have been learning about the planets in our solar system using information books. Later in the term we will be finding out about dinosaurs which is always an exciting topic in Year R. 

If we have snow we will adapt to a snow themed project. 

We will continue to learn about letters and sounds and the children will have some more high frequency/tricky words to learn. Most children now have reading books to read at home for practise and consolidation of work done in school. 

Depending on the weather, we will do PE outside so the children will need plimsolls or trainers as well as outdoor PE kit. If the playground is icy, we will do PE inside so it is important that the children have indoor and outdoor PE kit in school.


These are some of the things the children have been doing during there self-initiated own learning and discovery time. They have been very busy.
Picture 1 Counting leaves.
Picture 2 Telling stories with our friends.
Picture 3 Making words.
Picture 4 Finding letters.
Picture 5 Taking up a challenge!
Picture 6 Having fun with water!
Picture 7 Even more fun in the duckpond we made.
Picture 8 Getting very wet and muddy! Just like ducks!
Picture 1 Children in Need day.
Picture 1 Roleplaying the Three Little Pigs story.
Picture 2 Working together to make a straw house.
Picture 3 The guinea pigs are indoors for the winter.


Welcome to Willow's web page:



Week Beginning 21.11.16

This week we will be learning the letters e u r and the phoneme ck. The children will also be learning the and to which are known as tricky words. They will also complete their masks and will be able to use them to support their story telling of the Three Little Pigs. Next week we are holding two Phonics meetings for Year R parents, Tuesday 29th at 9.10 am and Wednesday 30th at 6.30 pm. Hopefully you will all be able to attend. At this meeting I will show you how we teach phonics and reading at Ashford Hill and ways in which you can support your child. This week they will also be given some letters and words to practise at home.

Week Beginning 14.11.16

This week we will be learning the letters g o c k. We have already learnt s a t p i n m d so please practise these at home. We have been learning the story of the Three little pigs and have been trying to make houses out of straw and sticks. In maths we are using Numicon to help with counting and adding. We will also be learning the songs for our Nativity play. On Friday we have Children in Need day and we hope that the children will all dress up as a character from a book. It should be a fun day. There is a Talent Show in which the children can take part too. 


Week Beginning 31.10.16

Welcome back. We hope the children had a restful half term break. This half term we will be starting to learn letters and sounds having worked hard to develop the children's understanding of rhyme and alliteration through listening activities. We will still have lots of rhyming stories and singing to support phonics. We are starting the term thinking about Autumn, followed by bonfire night and firework safety. The children are very keen on building so we will be learning the story of the Three little Pigs and this will drive our curriculum for the next few weeks. We will be going to the Watermill theatre later this month to see Sleeping Beauty which is a great experience for the children. Christmas is not far away now and we will be doing lots of Christmas activities including the Christmas Nativity Play. This involves the children learning some new songs as part of the performance. At the end of the term we all go to the church for our Christmas Carol Service. We look forward to seeing you there. 



Week Beginning 3.10.16

This week Willow children have been learning to listen  carefully. They have listened to sounds in the environment, listened to stories and rhymes, and learned to listen and identify the sounds made by musical instruments. They are getting more used to the routines and rules of the setting. The children have all taken part in a Forest Schools activity which required good listening as well as good co-operation with other children. They enjoyed the scavenger hunt and making Fairy houses using sticks, bark and tree branches. They are very excited about the new wooden and we spent some time this week watching the building work and drawing the dumper truck! We have learned several more songs and have even begun to learn stories and poems. They met Mrs Byrnes and her dog, Smudge, properly this week when she taught them on Thursday. They will be taught by her on a weekly or fortnightly basis throughout the year. She has long term experience teaching reception so they will be in excellent hands. This week they will be tasting different fruits and engaging in lots of activities that improve physical development, both inside and outside. 

To develop communication further, we are going to run regular drop in meetings for Year R parents where you will be able to look through your child's learning book and talk to them about the things they have been doing in school. These will be held on every other Friday from 3.00 until 3.25. The first one will be this Friday. 

Please remember to write about your child's wow moments in their message books so we can add these to their learning books. 

Thank you to everyone who attended the meeting on Thursday evening. I hope you found it informative.

Week Beginning 19.9.16


A huge welcome to  all the new children in Willow class who made a fantastic start this week. The children are all beginning to get the hang of the routines and have made new friends already. This week we will continue to learn about the classroom and about how to share and play cooperatively. We will be doing indoor P.E. this week to practise changing into our P.E. kits.  On Friday, the children will be taking part in our Harvest Festival. If your child is not due to be in school on Friday you are still welcome to come to the Harvest Festival, at 9.30 am, St. Paul's Church, Ashford Hill,  with your child and they can join in with the rest of Willow class at the front of the church. We look forward to seeing you there. 



Things we did last year

Things we did last year 1 What can I see?
Things we did last year 2 Look what I have made!
Things we did last year 3 What shall I make?
Things we did last year 4 Water play is fun!
Things we did last year 5 Hello!
Things we did last year 6 What flavour cake shall I make today?
Things we did last year 7 Do you want to watch my puppet show?
Things we did last year 8 We love to hold the guinea pigs!
Things we did last year 9 Playing in the garden.
Things we did last year 10 Getting muddy! Mud pies are great!
Things we did last year 11 This tower is taller than me!
Things we did last year 12 Working together with my friends.
Things we did last year 13 Investigating gravity!
Things we did last year 14 This looks like fun!
Things we did last year 15 We are learning to work as a team!
Things we did last year 16 We like to play in the home corner.