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Weekly updates

Every week in our Merit Assembly team points and attendance are recorded.

Class of the week and sports class of the week are announced along with boy and girl of the week.

Numerous merit certificates are given to the children for a whole range things from good manners to academic achievement to the application of our learning behaviours. Doodlemaths prizes are given to those children reaching the next thousand Doodlestars plus the top 'Doodlers' in each class celebrated - Doodlemaths is under review as we are concerned that we are rewarding children for spending a great deal of time on an I-pad when screen time should be limited!


Spring Term 2020:


17th January:

Team Points:

1st= Saxifrage and Speedwell

3rd - Poppy

4th - Coltsfoot



Willow - 99.5%

Chestnut - 94.4%

Maple - 96.5%

Oak - 96.2%

Hornbeam - 95%


Boy of the week - Michael

Girl of the week - Charlotte B


Class of the week - Maple



10th January:

Team Points:

1st - Saxifrage

2nd - Poppy

3rd - Speedwell

4th - Coltsfoot



 Willow - 100%

Chestnut and Maple - 99%

Oak and Hornbeam - 97%


Boy of the week - Leo

Girl of the week - Kara


Class of the week - Chestnut


No Doodlemaths this week as we are reviewing how the children are rewarded for their effort in this area.