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Be the best we can be


Our vision

We will challenge and support our children to continually grow as learners and individuals. We will ensure they have the skills, behaviours and confidence to adapt, think and create in a fast changing world. Our children will be happy, engaged and positive about their futures striving to be the best they can be every day.


Throughout your child’s journey in our school, we will use our eight learning behaviours to develop the skills, understanding and knowledge leading to the children’s competency in learning. Using their natural curiosity for learning about the world around them we will support them to become critical, creative, collaborative and emotionally literate young people who are equipped for life in an ever changing world with continual advancements in science, engineering and computer technology.


This can be aided by the development of a growth mind set which is strongly linked to our learning behaviour, resilience. A child with a strong growth mind set will welcome mistakes and recognise their importance, embrace change and be determined to persevere with their learning journey.


Through our rich and varied curriculum, complete with a range of assemblies, visits, visitors and wide experiences, the children embody the following learning behaviours: active/motivated, creativity, resilience, respect, reflection, thinking, independence and risk taking. Our curriculum is shaped by four curriculum drivers: Let the children steer, problem solving, community and real experiences.


We welcome each child with their varying range of personal experiences and expertise. We work with children, parents and the local community to build positive relationships and mutual trust. During your child’s time in our school, we will accompany them through their investigations, discoveries, challenges and successes.