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Sports at Ashford Hill

Sport at Ashford Hill - 2019 - 2020

Year2 Multi-skills at Park House - 17th October


With the help of several parents I took two teams to Park House where they took part in a multi-skills competition. Imogen, one of the Year 2 children who attended has written the following report - I'm sure you will agree that it is brilliant written by a child who had a very positive sporting experience.


Imogen's Multiskills Report

Celtic League Rugby:


The children have had two opportunities to play so far this term.

The first was on October 9th at Burghclere Primary School.


The team played well and are beginning to work together as a team so we are hopeful for the rest of the season. True to form the team won one, lost one and drew one.


October 23rd - this was an opportunity for a home tournament. Sadly Kingsclere got the wrong day so didn't come - this meant we were given a win. The team went on to win against Burghclere and Ecchinswell - I was delighted to head outside to watch and to see great individual skill alongside great team work.



Year 5/6 Small Schools Football at Wide Lane Playing Fields Southampton.


Ashford Hill are County Champions!!


Our sports ambassadors Daisy and Austin were both members of our winning team they will post a sports report on this page early next week.

This was the first tournament of the season; it was in Southampton; it was an outstanding victory for the Ashford Hill year five & six football team. The brilliant team consisted of Austin, Daisy, George, Leo, Arthur, Edward, Henry, Michael and Charlie. We did very well in the football as we scored fifteen goals and only conceded one, (that was an own goal).

    This is a comment from Edward

 I really liked the setup of the tournament because everyone in the tournament knew where they needed to be. Also everyone was kind and caring and no-one was unfair or disrespectful to the other teams thank you.

 This is a comment from George

It was an incredible victory for Ashford hill year five and six. The football was fantastic from the team because we scored fifteen goals and we only conceded one goal.

This is a comment from Leo

 I really liked the way they setup the tournament. We had some amazing games and not so good games. We only conceded one goal but we scored fifteen; second place scored twelve goals and conceded two goals. I really enjoyed coming to the tournament thank you.

That was some information from some of the players that played on Friday.  The players have really said it all haven’t they? We would love to say a great big thank you to Mrs Y, Mason, Mr Dalton, Mr Callaghan, Mr Josey and Mrs Liddeatt for taking us to the tournament. As we won the small school tournament we got through to regionals which is on a Saturday next Spring.

Austin and Daisy