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School Lunch Time

All children can elect to bring in home packed lunches or to have a school lunch.

Children are unable to swap from packed lunches to school lunches on a daily basis - however - there is the option to choose to have a school lunch on a SET day each week (i.e. Wednesday - or any day/s of their choice).

Should your "pattern" change - please provide at least one weeks notice to the office.


Children in Key Stage 1 are entitled to Free school lunches under the current Government scheme. When they move into Key Stage 2 (Year 3 onwards) parents will need to pay for them. They are currently at a cost of £2.40. Lunches MUST be paid in advance, any meals not taken - for example when a child is absent - you will not be charged.

To make on-line payments for lunches, trips and all other charges, you can get access to the system upon request to the school office and access details via your mobile phone will be sent to you, then follow the information below:



Dietary Needs

Should your child have any allergies or specific dietary needs, HC3S will need parents to complete a form before the team are permitted to provide meals.  The form can be found at









Our school meals are provided through HC3S


Our meals are cooked fresh onsite by our wonderful cooks Claire Lennoard and Nicola Bolland.


Healthy snacks and milk are also available to purchase at the morning break.



With regard to good practice in protecting the environment, menus are paperless as of Easter 2020- the school menus are available at