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Parking and dropping off

Please do not use the staff car park for pick up and drop off, unless you have been given permission from the school due to special circumstances.


Our official car park is at St. Paul's Church in Ashford Hill. It is a short walk from the school and can be used at the beginning and end of the day. Some parents use the car park accessed via Chapel Lane. This is not our official car park, so if you do decide to use this car park please be respectful to the residents of Chapel Lane. Parents can access the school via a pathway alongside the far corner of the school for access.


If you should need to drop off a forgotten item into school for your child after normal dropping off time, please DO NOT park on the NO PARKING route to the playground under any circumstances. Please find a free space, but if one is not available, don't worry about blocking cars in as you are only running in and out quickly.


Thank you for your cooperation - safety is of paramount concern on school sites.