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Student Leadership

Student Leadership at Ashford Hill

At Ashford Hill we are great believers in growing and developing our children to become great leaders. In order to do this, they must have the opportunity to learn, practise and develop their leadership skills therefore, allowing them to fulfil our school vision and be the best that they can be. There are several exciting opportunities available for our children to do just this.

Below is a table of student leadership roles that children are able to apply for. We encourage children to read through the job descriptions below, with their parents, and decide if there is any role that they would like to commit to for the year ahead. It is important to note that each role requires training and a high level of commitment throughout the year - rain or shine.

We strive to develop leaders who:

· Can live out our school values every day

· Are kind, fair and organised

· Keep an open mind and consider the ideas of others as well as their own

· Learn from mistakes and use them to develop themselves further

· Understand the needs of others and are inclusive of all

· Seek knowledge

· Can collaborate and communicate well with others to achieve shared goals



Head Students

Year 6

  • Be a role model to other children by living out the school values
  • Conduct school tours for visitors
  • Write articles for local magazines to tell them what is happening in our school
  • Help staff and children if they have problems to solve or jobs to complete
  • Attend the school council meetings to empower others to have their say
  • Introduce new children to the school as they begin Ashford Hill and buddy them
  • Selecting children to be awarded merit certificates in celebration assemblies.

School Council Chair and Vice- Chair

Year 6

  • Lead the School Council by attending all meetings
  • Prioritise school improvement ideas with the school leadership team
  • Identify and manage projects that have been chosen and agreed by the student body
  • Take responsibility for the school council board and update where necessary
  • Be a role model of all school values
  • Support younger school council representatives

Sports Ambassadors

Year 6

  • Setting an example of positive sporting attitudes.
  • Supporting some classes in PE lessons.
  • Leading sports and games during lunch break. 
  • Sharing which class has won Sports Class of the week by liaising with the sports coach.

Team Captains

Year 6

  • Setting an example of positive attitudes.
  • Leading team assemblies – first Thursday of each month. (Themes to be decided each month)
  • Leading their team during sports day – keeping the team spirit up!

Digital Leaders

Year 6

  • Maintaining a safe working environment with the school’s digital equipment.
  • Supporting the use of technology in assemblies.
  • Supporting some classes with their computing lessons.

Young Sports Leaders

Year 5

  • To work with the Sports Ambassador to provide support to sports across the school
  • Playground games organisation at breaks and lunchtime
  •  Motivate other children to engage in activities during their break times
  • Work with the school council to ensure that we are fulfilling our role to keep children healthy and active

Chicken Keepers

Year 6

  • Daily checking of animal welfare.
  • Daily feeding / water and collecting of eggs. Reporting to Mr Walker.
  • Leading other children in the care of the animals

School Council Representatives

All Year Groups

  • Weekly meetings with Mrs Wildman and Mrs Avery.
  • Listening to their peers’ ideas and sharing them with the school council.
  • Sharing plans and decisions made by the school council with their class.