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Class of 2018

"My seven years here at Ashford Hill have been filled with fun and I am going to miss all my friends and the teachers." - Georga

"The past six years has been a really good journey and I will come back to visit because my sister, Lexi, will still be here. I'm going to miss all of my friends in Year 6 especially Rowan, Farren-May, Holly H and all the Year 5's." - Louise

"I have really enjoyed my two years here, everyone was extremely welcoming. I felt that I belonged as soon as I started. I will miss all the Year 6's, Lauren, Olivia KC, Olivia B, Holly H, Anna, Ella, Evie, Louis, Amelia S and all the teachers (especially Mr Walker and Mrs Yockney). Ashford Hill is a great school. I will miss everyone." - Maddy

"All the years I have been here I have always been happy. My friend have helped me along the way (Harry, Sam and a few others). When I leave and go to secondary school I will come back and visit as much as I can. I hope that all the teachers keep teaching for as long as they can (especially Mrs Robertson). I hope the school keeps going for a long time too. Thank you." - Finlay (Head Boy)

"The past seven years have been the best years of my life because this is where I found myself and all my friend especially Sam and Finlay. The teachers have really helped me grow, and so have the pupils. When I first cam to Ashford Hill I didn't really knwo what sport was, and now I am a good cricket and football player and have been the Sports Ambassador for the past year. This school means the world to me and so it's sad to go but in life you have to let things go. So Ashford Hill - thank you and good bye." - Harry (Sports Ambassador)

"I think I will miss Ashford Hill a lot. But, you have to move on in life. If I stayed here longer, it would be harder to let go and forget. The sounds a bit soppy, but it's true. I will not miss the teachers though! Just kidding. I think that I am lucky that I have gone to this school all my life. It has been so fabulously BRILLIANT that i might as well skip secondary school as I've been taught that as well. School has helped me to get confident enough to make friends like Harry, Finlay and other people. Bye everyone." - Sam (School Council Y6)

"I have really enjoyed my seven years at Ashford Hill and it has prepared me for secondary school quite well. I will miss my friends but will probably see most of them again. I am excited to go to secondary." - Rowan

"Ashford Hill Primary School has helped with my English and especially maths because in Maple I was not the best in class but now I have just come on leaps and bounds." - Farren-May

"I have really enjoyed my last 2 years of Primary School with Ashford Hill, it has not only made me grow as a human but it has also made me grow into who I am now! I will miss all the teachers and my friends very much but I am also very excited to go to secondary school." - Izzy

"Although I am leaving, this past year has been the best ever. I will miss the laughing and messing around with my friends and the teachers. I will keep coming and visiting as I grow older, until time ends. The last thing I will do is to leave a note for the school to treasure." - Scarlet

"All of my past 7 years here have been incredible. All of the teachers and students have been supportive and will be forever.  I will come and visit all the time and see my friends. Holly and Farren-May have been amazing and will always be my best friends." - Myah (Head Girl)

"This year and the years at Ashford Hill have been a dream. It’s been so much fun, I’ve learnt so much, I’ve loved every moment with the teachers and friends like one big family. I’ll miss everyone sooo much." - Holly C (Sports Ambassador)

"In Year R I remember being scared but now I have grown more confident and enjoy new challenges. I will miss everyone." - Aston

"I have been successful in all subjects since being here at Ashford Hill School. The teachers are great; I’ll miss them loads." - Owen