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Welcome to Oak's web page   Updated Friday 24th April

Home Learning Update


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Thank you to everyone who has been busy using Google Classroom to continue some of their learning at home. It can be difficult to try and access all of the work at home sometimes but making sure you are doing a little each day is a great thing. Don't be upset if you can't access some work for a technical reason, we will all have these problems from time to time, as long as you try is it fine.


You should all try to complete some English, Maths and reading every week. This include some of the writing tasks and maths tasks set on Google Classroom as well as doodlemaths and timetables rockstars. 


There are guided reading tasks on the website which you used at school. You should try to complete one of these for whatever you are reading at home each week. Or, you could change it for a reading comprehension task if you fancy something different.


The challenges in all the other topics; history, geography, art/DT, Science and computing should be worked on over the half term. You do not have to do these every week, think of it like the homework tasks you would work on over the term. However I will add new work on to these for the children that complete them quickly and would like a new challenge.


Returning work

Some people have not been able to return work onto the website. Not all of your work needs to be returned, however I would like to see your maths, English and any completed topic projects. It has been easier for some to email me a picture of your work, including any maths and English written on paper. This can be taken on a parent's phone and them emailed to me.


Please also contact me for additional help with your work if you are finding it difficult to complete or access the website. 


Suggested timetable for learning while at home


We have created a timetable to split the day into useful activities and routines which may help with the close confines you may find yourselves in. This timetable is just a suggestion, your day does not have to be organised in this order and can be altered to fit in with your temporary home life situation.


The most important thing to take from this, is that routine and structure will help maintain your child’s/ren’s engagement and behaviour. Allowing for a reduced stressed environment for the entire family during this difficult time.



Homework - now available to download


Reading -  At least five times a week and reading is always king, if you have not got enough time for homework please put reading as a priority. Enjoy listening, reading to and most importantly taking about what you like in the story with your child, a good conversation really helps them to understand what they have read.


Topic - A new topic and homework letter has been sent home (Friday 17th January) which reflects the homework section above. Topic letter to be uploaded soon.


Spelling  -   Oak Class have had a series of assessments for maths (arithmetic and reasoning), SPaG (two punctuation and grammar papers and one spelling test) with a further spelling test to go.





Tables - Every child has a given specific day that they will be tested on. Please see the front of their times tables card.

Science - identifying animals

Good homework examples