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Welcome to Oak's web page Updated Friday 6th December
We come to the end of another busy but successful week. There has been been moments of madness in science when experimenting with sound and critical new learning when learning a range of computer skills.


We also welcome our new student, Charlotte Huxley, whose family have recently moved into  Ashford Hill.


After many weeks, we have reached the end of our Stig of the Dump unit. The children have some new skills while also developing others. Particularily when using expanded noun phrases and appropriate punctuation  hen including speech in their fiction. The children also redrafted their work and most were able to complete the typing of their story.



In maths this week, the children have revisited some skills, such as solving multi step problems and using column method, while working on their understanding on money and decimals.


Just a few helpful notes:

P.E - Monday afternoons (Real PE) and Wednesday afternoons (Mason), please remember kits and hairbands.

Homework - Please start thinking for a new project to complete for the second half term.

Doodle maths: 40 - 70 stars a week.

Reading - Five sessions a week at least please.

Spellings - Wednesday mornings.

Times tables- Each child will complete a verbal test on a specific given day, please check the front of their multiplication cards.

School planners - These are being prepared this coming week and should be out soon. For now we are using their yellow books to test and record their new spellings.


Homework - now available to download


Reading -  At least five times a week and reading is always king, if you have not got enough time for homework please put reading as a priority. Enjoy listening, reading to and most importantly taking about what you like in the story with your child, a good conversation really helps them to understand what they have read.


Topic - The first terms topic will be 'Prehistory'  however with a different focus from last year. There will be a bigger focus on art and culture which also learning key vocabulary. If your child has a special interest in something different please encourage them to complete a project with this in minds. Their homework does not have to be specific to what they are learning in school as long as their writing and presentation is completed to a high standard.


This is available to download at the bottom of the page.


Spelling  -   words chosen from the year 3  / 4 word list, looking at specific spelling rules plus two bonus words - words that follow the same pattern / rule to help them learn when and how to use them.


Prefixes - y & qu (as well as words from the Yr 3 & 4 word list)


gym  myth  pyramid  mystery  cygnet  Egypt
quick  quickest  quicker  quarter  question





Tables - Every child has a given specific day that they will be tested on. Please see the front of their times tables card.

Science - identifying animals

Good homework examples