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Welcome to Oak's web page   Updated Friday 1st April 


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<- The hunt for the golden peg buried in the  wood chips. Well done Logan!


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We have finally reached the end of the Spring term and Oak Class really deserve the break. They have worked tremendously hard throughout as if there was not another lockdown at all!


We hope you all have a fun and restful Easter smiley



We mostly reached the end of our stories inspired by the writing of Joe Todd Stanton. Each child wrote the next adventures of Marcy Brownstone (or another Brownstone family member) using a variety of writing techniques they have learnt this term. They have all put a lot of effort into their work and were visited by a very impressed Mrs Harris who read every story and spoke to each child.



It was a mean one to end the term with but the children did so well learning how to add fractions with the same denominator and about equivalent fractions. They worked hard individually, in groups and pairs whether it was playing fraction games, problem solving or reasoning. Not bad for the last week of term!



DT electric cars - link for instructions at top of page

First day back after lockdown #3



Reading -  At least five times a week and reading is best. If you have not got enough time for all the homework please put reading as a priority. Enjoy listening, reading to and most importantly taking about what you like in the story with your child, a good conversation really helps them to understand what they have read.




Times tables - every child has been given a day of the week that they will be tested on their times tables, check the front of their cards. Please remind your child to bring in their times tables cards on the correct day.


Monday: Harvey, Charlotte, Jessie, Cruz, Lexi.

Tuesday: Jamie, Billy, Henry James, Evie, Dilys, Jordan, Harry 

Wednesday: Imo, Harriet, Amelia S

Thursday: Oliver, Erin, Amelia, Logan

Friday: Bella, Phoebe, Lily-May, Sienna, Fred.