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Welcome to Oak's web page   Updated Friday 25h September.


We have seen a clear change in the seasons this week, from warm sunshine when we started to rain, wind, leaves and (most importantly) conkers! We have had a busy week and have had to overcome some challenges but it ended well with a spectacular whole class conker battle. Knuckles were red, bruises were earned and the occasional conker cracked.



We have completed our own next step in the story of 'Winter's Child' with the change of the seasons. The children continued the story how the felt it would be told. Along the way the learnt more about the use of conjunctions in compound sentences and some of us are trying our best to use subordinate clauses in complex sentences. Next week we'll be starting a new story with these skills added on to.



The children have applied their understanding of place value to measuring this week. They have used metre sticks and rulers to measure in different challenges and have moved on to finding the difference between two numbers. Next week, we'll continue with 'finding the difference' and practice their use of formal written methods.


Should we have a bubble or school closure, a link will be posted to Oak's google classroom with home learning uploading for the duration. Home > Children > Class Pages > work for school closure > Oak 

Models, Maps, Measures and conker madness

Homework - available to download soon.


Reading -  At least five times a week and reading is always king, if you have not got enough time for homework please put reading as a priority. Enjoy listening, reading to and most importantly taking about what you like in the story with your child, a good conversation really helps them to understand what they have read.


Topic - A new topic and homework letter will be sent home soon.


Times tables - every child has been given a day of the week that they will be tested on their times tables, check the front of their cards. Please remind your child to bring in their times tables cards on the correct day.


Monday: Harvey, Charlotte, Jessie, Cruz, Lexi.

Tuesday: Jamie, Billy, Henry James, Evie, Dilys, Jordan, Harry 

Wednesday: Imo, Harriet, Amelia S

Thursday: Oliver, Erin, Amelia, Logan

Friday: Bella, Phoebe, Lily-May, Sienna, Fred.


Spelling  -   Please check with your child which group they are in, the children chose the group names.


Minions: -ough and -ou words

thought  bought  fought  found  pound  sound  ground  mouse  shout  count


Flying Dinos:   suffixes -er -ing -ed

hunter  hunting  hunted  buzzer  buzzing  buzzed  jumper  jumping  jumped  cracker


Yeet:  words with the prefix 'im' for root words starting with m or p 

immature  immeasurable impossible  immortal  imperfect  impatient  immovable
impolite  important  improper