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Google Classroom

Oak’s Google classroom us up and running and ready for you all to use. To access it, follow these steps:


1)      Sign in to a Google account – this preferably will be your own or your child’s, this way when you log into the Google Classroom then any work, comments etc. will come up as being from your child.

If you don’t want to use or create your own google account then you can use your class e-mail address to login as below, the only drawback to this being that your child will then be logged in as 'Oak' and will need to ensure they name everything clearly for me and their friends. The password for the e-mail address is AshfordHill.

2) Go to Google classroom (you can find it in the nine dot menu at the top right of a Google page or can just search Google classrooms)


3) Enter the class code – v3trksc


4) Say hello and start looking around the classroom.


Work will be added when there is a family is confirmed to be in isolation at home, a bubble is closed or if the lock down extends as far as closing the school.


Please read each task carefully and help your child if they find something difficult. Ask your child to try their best and let them know that Mr D doesn't expect it to be perfect, he just expects them to try and learn from those mistakes - the best kind of learning.


If there are any issues reaching the documents please email Mr Dixon