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Year 4/5/6 Production

We filmed our production of Peter Pan on Thursday and Friday and it has gone off to the editor!


The children were incredible, they have struggled to come to terms with not having a live audience to perform to, but on the day - when there were three cameras and multiple microphones facing them - they really lived up to the occasion. The acting and the singing was the best they have done yet and they did the school and all you at home proud. They had lots to remember: lines, acting, where to stand, when to speak, and they did it all perfectly. Well, as near to perfect as we could hope for!!


Once it has been through the editing process we will be releasing it on YouTube for you all to watch at home, it will only be viewable to those of you who have been sent a link (which will be the whole school community) so please don't share the link to people outside our school circle.


Thank you to the parents for all the amazing costumes you made or bought the children looked amazing.


Mr Walker and Mr Dixon