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NASA asks for our help!

Very excitingly the children came into assembly this morning (6.1.14) to a letter from Venus Halley (Director of Ideas Department NASA recruitment). Venus has asked for the children's help. NASA wish to recruit new member for their Space academy and each class have a challenge they have to undertake. We will be emailing our findings to NASA and sharing our ideas together at the end of the school day.
Challenge 1 - Build a space rocket to get into space - Willow Class
Challenge 2 - How to make space food edible - Chestnut Class
Challenge 3 - How to ensure a safe landing - Maple Class
Challenge 4 - What is the best material to make a space suit out of? - Oak Class
Challenge 5 - How can you ensure that an astronaut remains fit in space? - Hornbeam class

We await the children's ideas and feed back. Photos to follow.....