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Maple, Oak and Hornbeam discover more about our village!

This week, Maple, Oak and Hornbeam have been out and about in Ashford Hill to find out more about our village. Today, Hornbeam class have been visiting the watermeadows. On Tuesday, Oak class visited the church and yesterday Maple class went on a village walk. 

The classes are spending this week and next week working on an introductory topic about our village to start the school year off with a bang! Maple class will be creating a leaflet about Ashford Hill, and Oak and Hornbeam are putting together a documentary! I have been watching them out and about around the school filming already. Chestnut class have today been interviewing members of staff in the school asking searching questions such as "What do you do in your job?", "What do you most like about working here?" and "What is your favourite food?".

Watch this space for further information about how the children are going to share their outcomes with you.