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Hornbeam invitation

We are inviting you to Hornbeam Class’s space experience day I hope you will come to learn something new. There will be different things to do like a raffle, top trump cards, planetarium, stick the eye on the alien, aliens for the planets, name the alien, there is a place where you can see all the homework that our class has done it is called the space museum. Most of these will be free so that you can come to learn but there will also be some things that you can pay to take part in so bring some small change.


The date of our space experience day is Monday 16th December the time it starts is 2pm-4:15pm. It will be located in Ashford Hill Primary school. We are doing this to raise a little money for our class and teach new things to you about space.

There is a space cafe that you can check out if you want to and it does not have space food, please tell us if you have any aligeies.

Please come If you can to have fun, sorry if you can’t.

Leo and Joe