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End of term information

End of term information

Dear Families

With the last two days of term upon us, I wanted to give you some information relevant to today and tomorrow.

Key Stage One Beach Party

This annual event for Key Stage One children takes place tomorrow afternoon. The weather looks set to be absolutely scorching. As this is an outdoor event, please rest assured we will take all sensible precautions to ensure your children are safe and comfortable in the sun. To help us with this, please can you ensure that your child has sun cream applied before they come to school and that they bring a sun hat. If you would like to send in named sun cream with your child to be reapplied before the beach party, that is absolutely fine as long as they are able to apply it for themselves (staff are not able to apply it for them) and they understand it is not to be shared with any other children in case of allergies. They also need to bring swimwear and a towel into school. School uniform should be worn to school as normal.

Key Stage Two Waterfight

This annual rite of passage for Key Stage Two children also takes place at the end of tomorrow afternoon. The same applies as above about sun cream and sun hats. The children may bring in water guns but this is at their own risk should they get misplaced during the fun event. They should also bring a change of old clothes to wear and a towel, with sensible shoes as the grass will become very wet and slippery. School uniform should be worn to school as normal.

Children’s work

Most of the children will be bringing home their work books from this year today or tomorrow. However, some of your children will not be bringing them home yet, as we will be keeping a selection of books in school for when Ofsted come calling (which will be towards the end of 2020). At the end of next academic year, any books kept in school will be sent home. I do hope you understand that this is something we need to do in order to show Ofsted the good work the children do over a longer period than just one year.

I do hope you all enjoy the last two days of term!

Thank you, as always, for your ongoing support