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Those of you who watched Gavin Williamson’s briefing as part of the BBC’s Daily Coronavirus Update on Sunday will have heard about a new initiative which launched yesterday to support home learning. The link to this is here:


The Government have provided a wealth of new material to support Home Learning. You can also find this link within the 'Work for School Closure' section of this website. These are there so you are aware of the multitude of resources open to you.


We will also continue to update our own resources and lessons on Google Classroom and within the 'Work for School Closure' section on this website. The BBC bitesize resources are designed to supplement this, not replace this. There is no expectation that all of these are completed; we are hoping to provide you with a variety of ideas and resources that you can use at home to help support your child's learning in these unusual times. We hope that they are of use to you. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any concerns or questions - we are here for you all and will do what we can to support you.