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MAPLE CLASS 2019 - 2020


Work for school closure:

In these unprecedented times work for Maple Class will be posted on Google Classroom - if you have not yet joined us please do.

I will regularly send feedback on work submitted and create 'Show and tell' blocks of photos, work etc from the children on this web page so the children are able to share their creativity.

I have uploaded the Parent Information Sheet (below) to give you further information of what we would have been covering in Maple Class this term.

Keep safe and be kind to your families.

Updates of what your peers have been up to are below.

Maple Class Parent Information Sheet - Summer 2020

Welcome to Maple Class 2019 - 2020

Last edited 21st June

Maple Class this year is a mix of Year 2 and Year 3 children. 

Our teacher is Mrs Yockney.

We are an energetic, enthusiastic bunch with a thirst for learning. 

Our PE days are Mondays and Wednesdays - please could you ensure that your child brings PE kit in ready to change on Mondays and wears their kit to school on Wednesdays. 

On Tuesday mornings the class is taught by Mrs Graham as this is Mrs Yockney's deputy time, on Wednesdays they have Mrs Graham followed by Mason for PE.

We would like to ask if any parent has time to offer support in class with reading, times tables, spellings or anything else please feel free to contact either Mrs Y or the school office. In particular if anyone could spare 10 minutes at drop off to hear one or two readers (we need the practice) we would be very grateful.


There is a change to the format of the week this term. Mrs Graham is on maternity leave so Mrs Yockney's deputy time will be covered on a Thursday by Mrs Murray ( she used to teach at Ashford Hill until she left to have her children). Wednesday remains as PPA in the morning up to half term with Mrs Murray and George (from GOL) covering the class.

After half term Maple's PPA will be in the afternoon on Wednesdays.



Picture 1

Happy Sunday Maple Class.

Just to update you on what's happening at school. My work in the Purple Bubble has come to an end as Mrs Yeo is back to school tomorrow. My new bubble - Rainbow Bubble - doesn't start until Monday 29th June which gives Mrs Cole and myself a week to find Maple Class and get the bubble set up. Maple Class is currently the store room for all the 'stuff' that is not allowed in the bubbles so we have a massive sort out / removal task to do!!

I am trying to visit as many of you as possible over the coming week - I have the promised prizes for those of you who staged 'Sports Day at Home' and a REAL PE board game for you all to play with your families. Those of you I have already seen - well what can I say? It was lovely to see you, Imogen has new guinea pigs who are mega-cute, James has a new swimming pool so is hoping for a warm week (I think he is in luck) so he can do lots of swimming, Erin is getting better after hurting her toe on a trampoline, Samuel is continuing with his writing, Alex had just returned from a 15km bike ride when I called in, Natalie is working hard at home, Elodie had just returned from a day out with her mum and brother and Caitlin told me all about her Zoom session with Beavers making chocolate brownies.

I have received  lots of photographs linked to your VE Day parties and Sports Days plus lots of other things you've been up to so will add these on to the website.

Take care and remember to be kind to you families.

Wednesday 6th May:


Hello to everyone and I hope this lovely sunny, albeit chilly, day finds you all safe and in good spirits. I have received a lovely video from Maple Class to all the staff to the tune of 'Reach for the Stars' - it had me reaching for the tissues. How lovely to see Maple Class and their smiling faces! You've all grown so much.

As always I am receiving lots of work, photographs etc from you all - thank you so much and keep them coming. I will post some examples on this page so you can all share in each others work - a bit like a 'show and tell' from home!

It has been lovely to see and hear you during our Maple Meets on line - keep an eye on Google Classroom to book your next meeting to catch up with us all.


I hope to receive lots of VE Day celebration pictures this week and will of course post those too.


In the mean time, please keep safe and be kind to each other, with love from Mrs Y x

Wednesday 22nd April


The official Easter holidays are now over so I am posting work on Google Classroom. Thank you to all those who have sent me Easter wishes, photos, videos, work etc It makes me feel closer to you seeing your faces and reading what you've been up to. This term starts with a great deal of uncertainty for us all - school continues to be open for vulnerable children and those children whose parents are key workers - teachers are in on a rota basis with the rest working tirelessly from home. We had a staff meeting earlier this week via Zoom - very surreal but it was nice to see everyone albeit on the screen.

I have set some work based around kindness as I feel this is so so important at this difficult time for us all.

Keep you eyes on Google Classroom, Be the Best you can be, be kind to your family and to yourself and I do hope to see you all sometime soon.

Take care with love from Mrs Y x

Scroll down to find files showing some of the things Maple Class have been up to - just before the World Book Day photos.


Week ending 3rd April


These are very difficult times we are living in. Very few children or staff are in school but we are keeping in contact, working and hopefully being kind to our families at home. Work is set via Google Classroom with  other ideas on the 'Work from Home;' star on the Children's pages. This is the official beginning of the Easter holidays so as such I will not be posting any new work for the next 2 weeks - there is plenty should you choose on the Work from home star or Google Classroom. I have no real expectations to you completing work but would ask you to:

* Give mum and dad a big hug for supporting your learning

* Read lots

* Help at home

* Be kind to your family (even your siblings)

* Eat lots of chocolate

* Recharge your batteries

* Keep safe

 I will be back on the website and Google Classroom on April 20th.

With love from Mrs Y


Week ending 13th March:


Maple Class have been working very hard. Stories are finished and we are working together to edit them. We have had World Book Day - what amazing costumes the children wore to school - choosing winners was really difficult. Below are our photos.

Sports Relief meant we could come to school in sports gear and take part in the Maple Dare to Try challenge.  



Our new literacy journey is writing instructions which we have linked to our 'How Does Your Garden Grow' topic. In our story 'The King and the Seeds' Jack is given a seed so we are writing instructions to help him care for it. So far we have explored instructions, sorted my muddled instructions, explored what Jack might need or need to know and next we need to write instructions to help Jack.



We have been exploring time - telling the time to the hour, half hour, quarter to and quarter past and some of us have moved in to 5 minute intervals and problem solving with time. The tricky part is we don't all have access to an analogue clock as digital is most common at home. To help your child tell the time please ensure you have an analogue clock for your child to read and frequently talk about the time referencing it's half past eight time for school or when it's bed time etc



We have started our new topic is 'How Does Your Garden Grow'  and will be learning all about plants, their needs etc. This will give us lots of opportunities for practical work and experimentation.  Our trip next week (24th March) will give us more hands on experience.




Blue Group - homophones                  

new      knew

they're    there    their

two   too   to

blue   blew

won    one

see    sea


Red Group - homophone sentences

It's nice to meet you.

I hear that you are walking home.

Do you like eating meat and vegetables?

It's not fair that I can't have all the chocolate.

If your laces get in a knot, you have to undo them carefully.


Week ending 28th February


First week back after half term and we've been really busy.

We are working on writing a story based on the book we have been studying - 'The way back home.' Some of us are re-writing the story and some of us are writing the next chapter. We are applying everything we have been learning in English.


In maths we have been revisiting addition and subtraction, looking at time words - days of the week, months plus the number of days in each month, in a year and of course the correct spellings and ways to help us remember them.


Our topic about Tim Peake is coming to an end so we have used our designs of the International Space Station to create our own models. Some of the children have been very  inventive but all the children exhibited many of our learning behaviours in the way they worked.

Creative - their designs 

Thinking - all the children spent a long time thinking about how to create a model of the ISS

Reflect - time to look at the end product and make any necessary changes

Problem solving - overcoming problems in the model production

Respect - the way the children all supported each other

Active and motivated - all the children were very motivated and focused on their models.

Risk taking - trying different things not knowing if they would work

Resilience - not giving up and keeping going


Look below for photographs of the children at work and the end products.


We used our computing skills to research how Tim Peake spent his time on the ISS.

The children came up with many interesting and unexpected details.

To end the week we spent a session tasting space food, comparing it to the fresh product and discussing how freeze dried foods differ to frozen foods. We tried dried peaches, bananas, grapes, apple, strawberries, raspberries and two different ice-creams. 


Look below for photographs.


This weeks spellings are:

Blue Group – 28.2.20  Test on 6.3.20


My 5 spellings + dictation


We want to squash into the car without a quarrel to visit the beach.

Watching us do this is always fun.

We want to wander along the cliffs when we get to the seaside.


Red Group 28.2.20  Test on 6.3.20


My 5 + prefix ‘super’







Week ending 24th January



We have started a new unit of work based around 'The Way Back Home' by Oliver Jeffers. We spent a lot of time exploring the title and the front cover making predictions. As there are two main characters in the story we explored what they might say to each other. We spent a session on role play which lead us to writing conversations - we then had to learn about the use of speech marks.



We have been practising our addition methods this week - some of us are using number lines, others equipment, partitioning and even the column method.

Each lesson begins with a SOLSA activity - these are all designed to make us think and explain our thoughts too.

Next week we will be moving on to subtraction.



We have completed most of our work on our Ashford Hill topic - just awaiting some extra information from Rev Ben for our page about the church before adding the finishing touches. The index, contents and glossary.

We have begun our new topic - 'Peak Performance'. This encompasses both history and science looking at some elements of space but more importantly a famous figure in recent history.



We are currently working on two parts of computing.

1. Accessing 'Word' - last term we wrote stories based on Wind in the Willows so we are word processing to publish the story. This involves setting up the page, typing, saving, editing and eventually printing - it is a slow process.

2. Using the program 'Scratch' to manipulate a sprite on screen using control. This has lead to many interesting sprites, different colours, different shapes moving around the screen.




Blue Group – 24.1.20  test on 31.1.20


My 5 spellings + contractions:

can’t          didn’t

hasn’t        it’s

couldn’t     I’ll


Tricky words:

could   would   should



Red Group 24.1.20

Test on 31.1.20


My 5 + prefixes  sub and tele

telephone    telephoto

television    telescope

submarine   submerge

subsoil         subordinate


Happy New Year to everyone - I hope you all had a good Christmas and peaceful new year. We are back with many things to do.

A new parent information sheet will be coming out this week, a copy will also be posted on this page too.


Topic - Ashford Hill. 

This topic brings together literacy, art, geography and even our maths skills. We began by exploring non- chronological texts to find out what we might need to create one of our own, we then went into groups and planned our pages.

Many thanks to Eliza, Dilys and Oliver's mums who joined us on our fact finding mission around the village. We began by sending Dilys, her group, her mum and Mrs Cole to the stables to photograph and find out about what goes on there. The rest of us walked to the church where we all explored but one group took notes ready to bring back to school. This then happened at different points in the village. We walked from the church to the new housing estate, then on to the village hall, then Butler's Garage, the water meadows, The Ship in (just for that group), up to Jiminy's and finally to the play park before returning to school. We have a great deal of information and lots of photographs which we will be using to create a book about Ashford Hill.

I will add a selection of photos on to the website next week.



We have returned to place value, revisiting and extending our knowledge of the number system and how they fit together.



Each group has new spellings ready for their test next Friday 17th January.

Blue Group – 17.1.20  test on 24.1.20


My 5 spellings + words ending with y

cry          dry

try          fly

reply       July

why         by

Tricky words:

don’t       both


Red Group 17.1.20

Test on 24.1.20


My 5 + suffixes ful and ness

wishful       hopeful

forgetful   beautiful

painful       successful

kindness    nastiness

happiness  loveliness




Christmas 2019


What an amazing few weeks we have had in the lead up to Christmas. 


A Wriggly Nativity - this was amazing with the Year 2's leading the show. Our audiences were delighted with the children who had learned their parts so brilliantly.


Elves Workshop - we spent several afternoons and mornings busily creating crafts for Christmas. The children used milk bottles tops and wrapping paper to make Christmas trees, buttons to make wreaths, lolly sticks to make stars, Christmas cakes, Christmas themed maths and folders to put all their work in. Look at our photos.


Christmas party - Year 2 were delighted and surprised as Father Christmas made a special appearance at their party. A great time was had by all playing games, dancing and enjoying party food. Year 3 had a disco early in the evening with lots of dancing, games to play and of course the obligatory 'Party Outfit'! 


Christmas Carol Service, lunch and jumpers - We spent a lovely, colourful morning in church raising the roof with our singing, recorder playing and listening to Hornbeam Class telling us the Christmas story. We returned to school to see the hall set up for Christmas lunch with crackers, a lovely tree (kindly donated by Clare and NIck Duffield) and Christmas music to add to the atmosphere. Lunch, as always, was delicious with the staff serving the children. We were all wearing our Christmas jumpers in aid of 'Save the Children' - what a day!


At this time I would like to wish everyone a very happy Christmas, many thanks to all the support given to the class this term. There are no spellings or homework (other than reading) for the children this holiday so they can enjoy all the festivities.


Week ending 22nd November


What a super end to the week - we spent the afternoon at The Watermill Theatre watching a very musical performance of The Prince and the Pauper. All the actors were amazing, their singing, acting and musical ability was incredible. The children had a super afternoon and I was very impressed by their behaviour and concentration. We would like to say a big thank you to the PTA who subsidised the coach fare and provided us all with drinks and biscuits in the interval. We arrived back at school about 5.30pm to see the huge Christmas tree, that had been donated by the Duffield family, beautifully decorated along with the rest on the school in readiness for the Christmas Fayre on Saturday. This was a super event with lots of children visiting Santa in his grotto - the PTA have raised over £2000 for the school. Great work and thanks to all who came.


Back to Maple Class ...

Year 2 have begun to practice the Nativity - 'A Wriggly Nativity'. Parts have been given, song words are being practised - all is going well. For a couple of afternoons Year 3 had to work at the back of Chestnut Classroom whilst the younger children were busy singing. How amazing they were! They have been given a challenge based on a hapless knight called Sir Kit. He has been sent on a quest to learn how to be a successful knight - with their help I am sure he will succeed. So far they have had to be 'the teacher' and correct his writing, design a cover for their Sir Kit work and make a book about his initial adventure - His journey to Dragon Island. What was most impressive was how they concentrated on their work independently and quietly.



We have begun to work on 'The Wind in the Willows'. Before half term the children asked if they could do some story writing so we are looking at the story of Mr Toad, Mole, Rat and  Badger. We will spend a couple of weeks exploring the language, descriptions, characters and settings before writing our own adventures with the four friends as the main characters.



We are continuing our work on measures - we have looked at measuring length, telling the time and now are looking at capacity. Reading scales is proving challenging for some as sometimes the scale is in ml - sectioned in 1ml, 2ml, 5ml, 10ml, 50ml and even litres. We are practising using lots of different containers both real and images. Our next step is to solve problems linked to capacity.



We have been continuing our work on balance exploring how to transfer our balances to the equipment in the hall. I am super proud of the children as they challenge themselves with different types of balance and support each other both physically ( a steady hand to help) and with tips on how to improve. Our work on the social cog is certainly paying off as the children are applying their learning efficiently.



We have come to the end of our Roman topic, sadly not having been able to visit the Roman wall at Silchester. Luckily Erin has visited and photographed many parts and has given us a full account of what is there. Year 3 (with the exception of Oliver who wasn't in our school last year) have all visited the wall and Year 2 will be heading their next Autumn.

Next week we will be moving on to a short topic 'Ashford Hill' - our task is to make a booklet about the village. We will need to plan what should be in the booklet, go on a walk around the village taking photos and making notes to help us.



Blue Group – 22.11.19 test on 29.11.19


My 5 spellings + /s/ sound spelt ’c’ before  ‘e’, ‘i’ and ‘y’

city              race

ice               fancy

cycle           celery

Cinderella    circle 


Red Group 22.11.19

Test on 29.11.19


My 5 + /i/ sound spelt ‘y’


gym            myth

pyramid      cygnet

mystery      Egypt





Week ending 8th November


Wow what a busy first week back.


In English the children have edited and published their diary entries written as Kassy the Iceni girl. We have been comparing their work from September to now - amazing progress all round. Next week by popular demand from the children we will be exploring story writing in readiness for writing our own stories in a few weeks time.


Maths - We began the week exploring measures. The children were challenged to find words for each letter of the alphabet linked to measures. Some letters have proved challenging and some have produced interesting ideas. Cruz suggested string for 's' - he explained that if you needed to measure round a curved object you could use string and then straighten it out next to a ruler to find the measurement. We were impressed.


Topic - this week we have been exploring the architecture of the Romans. We have made columns and added a beam plus pediment. This was rather tricky. Next we explore which 3-D shape would make the column which would be the strongest.

We constructed columns that were cylinders, cuboids, triangular based prisms, hexagonal based prisms and even octagonal based prisms. We had to use our measuring skills, folding and gluing to make the different columns.

Next we experimented with adding weights to see which was strongest. I was very proud of all the children who put in a lot of effort, were resilient when things went wrong and found out which type of column was the strongest. Next week we are going to collate all our results and draw some conclusions from our experiment.

See below for some pictures.


Real Gym = this week we began our work on gymnastic movements. I was delighted with the children who supported each other in their work. Alex, Imogen and Erin were just like extra teachers as they helped me supporting the children with their movements

Investigating columns and Roman bridges

Week ending 24th October:

This was the final week of the half term, despite the children being very tired they continued to focus on their learning.


We are writing diary entries as Kassy made her way to Colchester. The purpose is to inform Mr Dixon, writing in the 1st person and including expanded noun phrases, a variety of punctuation and interesting vocabulary. These diary entries are still ongoing - we will need to edit and publish after half term.

We began our phonics sessions in earnest this week - some of us working in Chestnut and some in Maple.

We are continuing with our guided reading sessions and have all chosen new reading books for the half term.



Our maths this week has seen us exploring fractions - finding halves, quarters, eighths, thirds and tenths.



As this was the last week of the half term we had our usual sharing session. We displayed our homework in our classroom and then had a walk around Chestnut, Oak and Hornbeam classes to look at theirs. We had a wide range of homework - photos are below.


Halloween Trail:

To end the half term the PTA organised a pumpkin carving competition with prizes for each year group - to our delight Caitlin won for Year 2 and Evey for Year 3. Caitlin cleverly used the stalk of the pumpkin as the nose and Evey transformed hers into Harry Potter.



There were no new spellings for the half term but they will be given to the children on the first Monday after half term.

Week ending 18th October


What a busy week we have had! The children have planned, practised and produced a Class Assembly.

On Friday afternoon at 2.30pm we were both surprised and delighted to see so many parents, grandparents and friends who came to support us. The children were brilliant sharing their learning so far this term. They included REAL PE, French, our trip to Reading Museum, English work based on our book 'I was there ... Boudica's Army' by Hilary McKay, art and ended by singing and playing 'Music is in me'. Following our assembly parents were invited to look at the children's books back in the classroom.


Last week we were Class of the Week and Sports Class of the Week but sadly were unable to enjoy the rewards due to the rainy weather so on Monday afternoon instead of our normal PE session we had the reward for being the Sports Class of the Week. We were allowed a whole range of PE equipment to use - lots of skills were seen as they played cricket, used hoola hoops, tri-golf, skipping ropes, football etc

On Tuesday afternoon we had an extra playtime using the wooden equipment as the reward for being Class of the Week.



Our work this week has been based around fractions. We've been looking at fractions of shapes and numbers - working on halves, quarters, thirds etc



We are continuing studying 'I was there ... Boudica's Army' by Hilary McKay.

Our aim is to write Kassy's diary as she follows the Iceni army to Colchester - Mr Dixon is our audience. Happy reading Mr D!!



Blue Group:

We are using the tricky spellings from last week but in dictation format.

The children had beautiful clothes because the people had  lots of money.

Tricky words are underlined.


Red Group:

ei words - reins, vein, freight, weigh, eight, weight, veil, neigh, reign and sleigh


Week ending 11th October:


The past two weeks have been very busy for Maple Class - we've been to Reading Museum for our school trip. We took part in a Roman workshop in the morning:

We were in 4 groups with 4 different activities:

1. We were finding artefacts from Roman times and their modern equivalent.

2. Modelling clothes worn by Roman hairdressers, Roman slaves, important Romans and several others - we then had to investigate various tools to decide which ones belonged to which person.

3. We looked at Roman construction of bridges, tested them with model soldiers to find the strongest bridge and then to build an arched bridge.

4. We looked at Roman rooms, the mosaic floors, furniture etc.  We then looked at a model of Calleva Atrebatum locating a range of features in a Roman town.


In the afternoon we went on a treasure hunt around the museum. We had the opportunity to look at the partial mosaic found at Silchester and explore The Bayeux Tapestry.

A big thank you to Erin's mum, Natalie's mum, Nathaniel's mum and Oscar's mum who joined myself and Mrs Cole to make the visit such as success. The children were so well behaved especially listening carefully to our group leader for almost an hour.

Look below for some of our photos.



We are still working on the book 'I was there ... Boudica's army' - this is the story of an Iceni girl, Kassy, who encounters kind Romans (completely the opposite of what the Iceni think). We have





Week ending 27th September


Maple Class has really settled into routines. They register themselves, choose lunches, change their reading books and settle to their early morning challenges. The children have monitors roles to aid the smooth running of the class.


Last Friday they were part of a whole school celebration for Mr Andrew's 80th birthday - they wrote and performed an acrostic poem which they presented to him with messages from them all on the back. It was a lovely assembly.


Later that morning James and Imogen were voted in as Year 2's School Councillors. Others ran for the positions creating posters, writing and delivering speeches. The Year 6's ran a very tight election demonstrating democracy at work.



Our current topic is Romans in Britain which is driving our English, history and geography. We have explored the Roman Empire, looked at different modes of transport, artefacts etc and compared them to what we have and use today. Next Tuesday (1st October) we are heading to Reading Museum to take part in a Roman workshop where we will find out about Romans on our doorstep - Calleva Atrebatum or Silchester as it is today.


In English we are studying a book called 'I was there ... Boudica's Army' where we are following the adventures of a young Iceni girl called Kassie and learning from her about life in those times.



Each child is learning their own personal My 5 spellings based on the common high frequency words - they each have a particular day of the week when these are tested and they are moved on at their own pace.

On Fridays the children are in two groups - Blue Group and Red Group and have a group of words based on different word families and sounds. These are given out one Friday and tested the following.

Blue Group:                                                         Red Group:

find           behind                                                unseen               undo

kind          child                                                   unhappy             undress 

mind         wild                                                    unlucky               unsure

climb                                                                   unwell                 unusual

                                                                            unfold                 untie



We have continued working on our addition strategies moving on to the standard method. This is what most of us call the column method. This is taking a lot of practice ensuring the children understand the value of each digit in each column.


Times tables + Number bonds:

These are tested every Friday morning, the completed test is sent home at the end of the day - please look at the test papers and help your child to practice and become more confident and fluent.




Week ending 13th September:


Our first full week in school has been very busy.



We have begun working on a non-chronological report all about ourselves - handwriting practice next week will be copying our draft work into best. Mrs Robertson took photos of us to add to our work. We've also worked hard on MY 5 - this is our individual spellings based on the high frequency words we need to be able to spell and use in our work. We have been divided into 5 groups - one group to be tested on each day of the week. The day is written inside the front cover of our yellow spelling books. We also have weekly spellings - they are given out on a Friday, worked on throughout the week and then tested the following Friday. For this we are in two groups - blue and red.

Blue Group – 13.9.19    Test on 20.9.19


My 5 spellings + homophones:

blue     /    blew

see    /  sea

flour  / flower


Red Group 13.9.19   Test on 20.9.19


My 5 + adding suffixes

walk – walks, walking, walked, walker

run – runs, running, runner

skip – skips, skipping, skipped, skipper



We are working on basic number skills, counting in 2's, 5's and 10's; the value of the different digits in different places in 2 and 3-digit numbers, odd and even numbers and we are moving on to number patterns and addition and subtraction.

During the week we have been challenged to solve problems using numbers, the < and > signs. On Fridays we are tested on our times tables and number bonds. These like our My 5 spellings are individual.



Our topic this half term is The Romans in Britain (Calleva Atrebatum). We had a super session placing the Roman invasion on our time line and discussing areas we would like to explore. We will be heading to Reading Museum on October 1st to have a hands on experience in a Roman Workshop.


School Council:

Following a class discussion about the role of the the school council we have nominees for our elections this coming Friday (20th September). The children will be bringing posters to advertise their intent in school this week and will have the opportunity to talk to their Year group to persuade them to vote for them on Friday before the elections.


Top 10 ways to help with spellings