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Maple Class Charter

Happy New Year to you all.


Sadly, the New Year will not bring us back to school when we expected so we are learning remotely via Google Classroom.

Your Google Classroom code is:



I have posted work for Monday 4th January, please return it to me once completed so I can respond to any queries.

Welcome to Maple Class 2020 - 2021

Last edited 3rd January 2021

Maple Class this year is a mix of Year 2 and Year 3 children. 

Our teacher is Mrs Yockney and our LSA is Mrs Cole. Above is our Class Charter. At the beginning of the term we had several PSHE lessons where we discussed ways we should work and behave to be the best we could be. We selected the most important to create a charter and then signed to say that this is how we would try to be in Maple Class.


Sunday 6th December


Christmas is coming very quickly this year, things are very different but in true Ashford Hill style we are celebrating in our own way. The children cannot perform a nativity as we usually do but look out for a video coming your way soon where we will share our Christmas message. As I am sure you will have heard we are still able to have a Christmas party in our 'Bubble' of course - the PTA are preparing individual packs of food and both Mrs Y and Mrs Dixon are planning the games.

The PTA have organised for a Pantomine to be streamed to all the classes in the last week of term and of course we will be having our traditional Christmas dinner with music and crackers

Maple Class have been very busy over the past few weeks. Our 'Out of Space'  challenge was great fun. We collated and submitted our scores to Mr Mandry and I am delighted to say that Ashford Hill (this is Maple and Chestnut Classes) came 2nd. We were emailed certificates for all the children. Well done to them all.



We are continuing with our writing based around the story of 'The Blue Penguin'.

The children have explored the text and the illustrations and are now publishing their own stories linked to friendship about an animal with a difference. Some are writing about the red squirrel and others about a pink dolphin. 



We have spent the last week or so looking at measurement. We've explored length, capacity and weight and are moving on to time this coming week. 

We have worked practically and have moved on to problem solving.



Having worked on the understanding that ICT stands for 'Information, Communication Technology'. The children made an extensive list of devices we use to communicate information. We are currently looking at cameras and how they work. We've looked at the history of cameras, organising a time line of cameras. We were surprised as to how old the first camera was! We have experimented with the class digital camera. We took photographs of the Roman busts we created in clay as part of our Roman topic. Take a look at some of our photographs.



In gymnastics we have been exploring different types of jumps including pencil, straddle, star, pike and tuck jumps. We began on the floor, putting them into sequences and this week moved to adding height by jumping from benches, balance beams and gymnastic tables. Look below for some photos of our woek. 



We are still working on our Roman topic but have started a new science topic  looking at life processes and habitats.



Blue Group – 4.12.20

Test 11.12.20


My 5 spellings + homophones


hear      here

sun        son

one        won


Red Group 4.12.20

Test 11.12.20


My 5 + words ending in the /k/ sound spelt ‘que’








Sunday 8th November:

I shared with the children the West Berkshire virtual sports challenge for the next couple of weeks.

This is Challenge 3 - Out of Space. There are three challenges which we will be working on in school but the details are below so they can practice at home before we submit their personal best to Mr Mandry. This is a virtual sports competition as we are currently unable to compete with children from other schools.



This week we have been working on a book called The Blue Penguin - a story about friendship. This is linking with our PSHE work on being kind to each other, 



We are working on multiplication, starting with arrays and  moving on to formal methods. This is extending to multiplication problems.



We will be working on The West Berkshire virtual challenges alongside REAL GYM.

Please make sure the children have the correct PE kit in school, we will be outside on a Monday and inside on a Friday.



The children are in 2 groups - Blue Group and Red Group with a few children working only on their individual spellings. All of them have 'MY 5' - these are the next words in the first 300 spellings or Year 3/4 list. As we have restarted Phonics sessions the testing of 'MY 5' spellings may take a few days to settle into a routine.


Red Group 6.11.20

Test on 13.11.20

My 5 + homophones

break /  brake

grate    / great

eight    /   ate

weight  /  wait

son     / sun

 Blue Group – 6.11.20      

Test on 13.11.20


My 5 spellings

jacket         jar

jog              join

jig               giant

giraffe       gem

gentleman   gerbil




Mrs Cole and I are looking forward to Monday 7th September when the children will be joining us in Maple Class.

Due to the heightened entry procedures to school the children will be coming into school via the hall double doors leading from the playground. All children will need to hand sanitiser before entering the building.

The children will be dismissed at the end of the day via the same door.

Please can you ensure your child brings their PE kit in on a Monday, this will be returned each Friday for washing, they need packed lunch or to order a school lunch each day, water bottles and if they are Year 3 money to order a snack if required. Year 2's will continue to have fruit provided for them daily.


As we move into the second half of the Autumn Term we are returning to hot lunches to be served in the hall. The children have a vegetarian and meat option daily with Year 3's having the extra option of a jacket potato. The children will be bringing home a copy of the menu to give you a flavour of what they can have to eat. 

To ensure the children remain in their bubbles we will be setting the hall up in 3 different sections so tables and chairs will be used by only one child each day and cleaned thoroughly after use. Maple Class have their own section in the hall with Chestnut Class - Oak and Hornbeam will not be in the hall until the younger children have finished eating therefore minimising the risk of mixing bubbles.


I am looking forward to speaking to many of you via Zoom or the telephone next week as our virtual parents evening meeting. If you haven't booked a slot please call the school office or email me to arrange a time.







The children have settled really well to the new version of school. We have a rota of children who are enjoying applying hand gel to their class friends, they regularly wash their hands, share the wooden play equipment (one week it is Willow's turn, one week Chestnut and Maple and the third week Oak and Hornbeam), we have assemblies, lunchtime and play times only with our 'Bubble'. The children bring their reading folders, planners and spelling books in only on Fridays when new books are issued for the following week. We really have to rely on you, parents and carers, to read with your child and record how they get on, the same with spellings and homework too. Thank you so much for your support in this.

In class we have been working really hard, all the children are keen to do the best they can do. 

English - this week we are looking at The Blue Penguin by Petre Horacek. The story is about friendship and being different. This links very well with our PSHE where we are focusing on how to be a good friend.

Maths - we are working on multiplication beginning with repeated addition and using arrays to support this.

Phonics - we have re-started phonics teaching this half term. Chestnut and Maple Class have been sorted into 5 different teaching groups with the children receiving first quality teaching at their level. Mrs Cole, Mrs Gundry, Mrs Dixon and myself are running these sessions daily.

Topic - our Roman Soldier topic is continuing.

Homework - I have received some super homework so far. Please email pictures for us to share in class.


We went on an Autumn walk to collect ideas for our art.

To practice our cooking skills we made vegetable soup

Top 10 ways to help with spellings