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Update 24th March:


Hello to all Maple Class and families,

Hopefully by the time you read this Google Classroom will be up and running.

Mrs Harris has communicated with you all how to access and expectations for this online facility. If you have a Google Account then you will need the Maple Class access code: yhnfcjy


I have also set Maple Class (Maple Movers) as a class on TT Rock stars which is another format for practising times tables - if you'd like a password please email me.


I've also added an extra PE resource from the Hampshire Schools Games Organiser - this is on the front page of the work at home for all children to access.


Keep learning Maple Class, keep in touch and be kind to your family,


With love from

Mrs Y xx







I am so sorry that some of you are unable to be in school at the moment - you are missed (it's very quiet, I wonder which one of you is the noisiest!!!) but we all know that this is for your safety. 

Below are some activities to help during your time of self isolation - I know as true Maple Class Students you will continue to 'Be the best', demonstrate our learning behaviours and keep up with your education.

Should there be any questions or feedback required please feel free to email me     I will respond as soon as I can.


Yesterday 17th March was Saint Patrick's Day so we focused some of our day on  learning about him.

Can you:


* Find out about St Patrick and create a fact file about him.


* Write his name and find as many hidden words as you can eg pat, pan, pin etc - let me know how many you find.


* We followed instructions to make a 4-leaf clover (a plant similar to the shamrock linked to St. Patrick) - look below and have a go. Some of us didn't find the instructions very easy to follow so made some changes - please change the instructions so they make more sense. 


* Continuing our work based on the story of 'The King and the Seed' - we have planted a seed and have written instructions for Jack so he knows what to do. So plant a seed and write the instructions.

Don't forget the title, list of what is needed, a list of instructions in numerical order with imperative (or bossy) verbs plus pictures to help. 


I will include a brief idea of what we should be covering in each subject with relevant documents to download at the bottom of this page.

Year 2's don't forget you have your SATs work booklets too.




Continue reading the variety of books of books you have at home. It is not just reading practice, but also making predictions, discussing the action of character, discussing word use and inference (reading between the lines). 


Guided reading tasks: Print off the guided reading tasks and ask the children to complete it following some reading. These do take time, so one or two a week is good progress.


Free ebooks sign up for free to read or listen to a variety of books online. Just select the appropriate age range of books for your child.



We are working on writing instructions, look in cookery books, on games and anywhere else you might find instructions. Do they have the features we talked about in school?

Make a model and write instructions of how you  made it.

During our previous topic (Peake Performance) James asked if we could write a story about living on the International Space Station - this might be a good opportunity to practice your story writing. Should you wish to write a story on another subject then that is ok too. Don't forget all we have learned this year, plan your story journey, include different sentence types such as questions, exclamations, statements and commands, speech, use a range of connectives, punctuation etc Of course you can illustrate your story too.


The children have my 5 spellings, these are taken from the first 300 words, the common exception words plus the year 3/4 list. Please continue working with these in the many ways we do in class eg:

* rainbow write

* pyramid spellings

* how many you can write in 30 seconds

* taking your pencil for a walk and filling in the spaces with the spelling word


Lists are below.



There are different phases for phonics. Please check with your child the phase they are on. Mrs Dixon's group is phase 3, Mrs Rush is phase 4, mine is phase 5.

Please use Phonics Play- a website with games and activities that are great supporting their learning in phonics.

Due to the current situation all games are free to use. The login is:

Username: March20  Password: home



I have sent home a maths booklet focusing on number and place value, a copy of which will be attached below. There will be areas the children find difficult - let me know and I can help.

We've also been learning to tell the time - the children should practice using an analogue clock - o'clock, half past, quarter to and quarter past and then into 5 minute intervals.

They should know their 2x, 3x, 5x, and 10x tables - these can be practised on Doodle Tables, Doodlemaths is a great tool for mental maths skills too. 



Our current topic 'How does your garden grow' is looking at plants, what they need to grow, the different parts of a plant and their function. Below are two booklets one for Year 2 and one for Year 3 - the children can work on either or both books to enhance their understanding about plants.

BBC bitesize has various activities and games to support their learning.



Studying plants gives us a perfect subject for art - use plants / flowers in the garden to sketch, draw, paint, collage or any other media.



Instructions to make a 4 leaf clover