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Learning Behaviours


What are learning behaviours and why are they important?


We are developing children's ability to discuss their learning and helping them develop a language to talk about their own learning. The children in school today are going to be facing huge challenges in the wider world and we are working with them to develop skills and attitudes that will help them be successful in the wider world. In consultation with the children we have decided to work with the children to develop the following learning behaviours: -


Resilience - We want to see children learning from mistakes and seeing that having to rethink an aspect of their learning as a way to impove, resilience is about picking themselves up after a setback and being able to give it another go

Risk Taking - This is about about children questioning and asking "What if...?" and "What shall we try now?" - it is also about children pushing themselves to try new things and knowing that learning is sometimes uncomfortable!

Thinking - We are looking for children to be seen thinking and considering, valuing their own ideas and believing that they have the strategy to solve problems.

Respect - Children treating others as they wish to be treated is the core belief around this learning behaviour, this is mirrored in the way they speak to adults and adults speak to them. We want children to believe it is okay to think differently and it is fine to change your opinion.

Reflection - We want to see children actively evaluating their work and developing the ability to believe that they can always improve whilst taking a pride in their own and others work and achievements.

Independence - We wish children to believe that they can help themselves when they are stuck, but also know when and who to ask for help. This is also about children wanting to find out for themselves and being skilled to be able to do so.

Active/motivation - This is for children to develop the belief that learning is for them and they have a responsibility for their own achievements, it is also about valuing effort and taking the initiative for their own learning.

Creativity - This is an area where we believe children are naturally adept, they can be creative in many ways not just art and drama, but creativity in all areas of the curriculum including the sciences. It is also about linking with other areas of learning behaviours especially risk taking.


We will be focussing on developing each of the learning behaviours in our assemblies and learning.


For more detailed information, please read our Learning policy below.