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Our house or team system


All the children belong to one of the four  teams; Speedwell, Poppy, Saxifrage and Coltsfoot.


These teams were named after native plant species found in the local area. We keep family groups together in the same teams and children have team assemblies in their houses, compete on sports day and in the swimming gala in their team.

Merit assemblies are all led by our year six children on a rota basis. We use the assemblies as a celebration of a week of learning. Children will be awarded merits for a whole range of things based around our learning behaviours of creativity, respect, independence, taking risks, reflection, thinking, resilience and active and motivated.


In this assembly we add up the team points, award the class cup for the tidiest classroom, award a certificate for the class with the best attendance and finally girl and boy of the week; an award for two children with the best manners during the week. The organisation for these assemblies is by the year six children.

Sports day at Ashford Hill is a special affair, split into two main sessions. In the morning the children are organised in their house teams and work around a series of activities organised by the children from Park House School. The activities focus on team games and co-operative skills.


At lunchtime all parents join us for a family picnic in the school grounds.


In the afternoon, we have traditional races and children compete with their peer group to earn team points for their house. We ensure a mixture of fun and competitive games.

All children in years four, five and sxi take a course of lessons at Tadley swimming pool in the summer term, where they are instructed by trained lifeguards.


Each year we hold a swimming gala, where the children compete in house teams to earn points for their house. Children are grouped according to ability and compete in groups of a similar ability. 

Children are organised into one of four teams; Saxifrage, Speedwell, Poppy or Coltsfoot.


Children can earn team points for a whole variety of reasons:


  • Good work
  • Excellent manners
  • Exceptional behaviour
  • Extra effort with a task
  • Being kind
  • Being a good friend
  • Helping an adult
  • Seeing a job that needs doing and just doing it


The list is endless and all adults in the school are able to give out team points as rewards, as and when they see fit. The team points are added up each week and at the end of each term. The house point cup is awarded to the captains of the winning team at the end of the school year.