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Leaver's assembly - sorry, my post had the wrong time on. I have corrected it now - the assembly is at 2pm ☺️ see you then!

21st July


Y6 Treat day - Thursday 22nd July.


Again, sorry for the late notice, but after lots of very last minute difficult decisions and time spent investigating possible opportunities we have been offered the facilities at Cheam School - please arrange for your child to be dropped at Cheam school at 9:30am. You can enter via the North Entrance, turn left, and then meet us at the front entrance.


We will be using the pool facilities, so please ensure your child has sun cream on, suitable swimming clothing and their school uniform ready for the Leaver's assembly later in the day. Don't forget the usual water bottle!


School staff will return the children to school at lunch time ready for pizza and final preparations for the Leaver's assembly.


We will see you at school at 2pm for that :)


Thank you for your understanding.


Mr Walker

16th July


A massively busy penultimate week! The production editing has nearly completed - it should be ready to view in school on Monday and to be up on YouTube with a private link for you all to watch early next week :)


If children have started a homework then please bring them in on Monday for a show around, however it has been extremely busy so please don't worry if they haven't - don't rush something in unless they're particularly keen to do something at this stage.


We have a huge amount of lost property in the classroom - I will put it out after school on Monday (weather permitting), anything left behind will go into the PTA's second hand uniform sale. If you aren't picking up on Monday and know that you have some things missing - please contact me and I can check for you.


Next week is set to be even busier: leaver's lunch on Tuesday, Y6 Treat Day on Wednesday - details to be sent out separately, Leaver's assembly on Thursday - details to follow on whether we can have spectators or not, then water fight for Y6 and KS2 leavers on Friday. As well as trying to fit in learning and other things we haven't completed!


Hope you all enjoy a lovely weekend.


Enjoy the sunshine!


Mr Walker

11th June


It has been a lovely first week back for our last half term! Even if I haven't been able to be a part of it all!


Thank you to those who came along to the Minstead meeting - if any of you weren't able to come, please e-mail me if you have any questions or concerns that you want to discuss, your packs should be coming home today.


Set design and rehearsals have been going well, fingers crossed we will be allowed to have you in to watch the children perform Peter Pan. Reminder to send in any costumes by Tuesday please, or let me know if you need help sorting something. Also if your child thinks they have any props that might be useful, we would love to have those in by Tuesday too!


Swimming is going swimmingly, they have really enjoyed themselves and are making amazing progress in such a short time span. We have four sessions left, the last one will be our gala but unfortunately no parents to watch this year due to restrictions at the pool.


On Tuesday we have an expert coming in to teach us about a WW2 battle, as a part of that he will be bringing in two WW2 rifles which are not live so cannot be fired, and has offered to gift the children each two used shells from the weapons as a present and to help bring to life some of the feelings and experiences that would have been prevalent at the time. If you would rather your child wasn't given these, please say so, but obviously they will be given them with the correct message around violence and weaponry. This is one of the main reasons to learn about the World Wars.


Best wishes,

Mr Walker

21st May


The penultimate week of this half term! We are started on our play rehearsals as we only have four school weeks left until we put on the production. As it said in the newsletter - we don't know what we're going to be able to do in terms of having people in, and we probably won't know until 21st June!!


The first two sessions of swimming have been great as well - sorry we were a little late but we have moved the lessons forward by 10 minutes so will be back in plenty of time from now on :)


Homework due next week - realistically we won't be able to show the homeworks until Wednesday evening, so please send in homework by then. I can't wait to see what they've been up to - I've heard lots of the children telling me about what they've been up to!


Sorry, no photos this week.

Have a lovely weekend 

Mr Walker

Tell Me A Story (Vocal).mp3

Don’t Look Down (Vocal).mp3

Tick-Tock (Vocal).mp3

Wendy House (Vocal).mp3

Pirates Of The Sea (Vocal).mp3

Look At Me! (Vocal).mp3

Loyal To You We Stand (Vocal).mp3

How Did We End Up Here, Nana (Vocal).mp3

Do You Believe In Fairies (Vocal).mp3

You’ve Done It Again, Mr Smee! (Vocal).mp3

Don’t Look Down (Reprise) (Vocal).mp3

It’s A Good Life! (Vocal).mp3

Science Investigation in the sun!

First day going out on the roads!

Bikeability Monday 26th April - Thursday 29th April


Hello all! We are starting bikeability next Monday. On the Monday morning is the playground aspect of the training, then onto the roads for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.


The children will need their bike and helmet in school on Monday morning ready to get started, if it is easy to do so, you can then take the bike home every day and bring it back the next morning as we don't have any dedicated bike storage space. However if you do need to leave it on site, you are welcome to do so at your own risk. We have the WIllow fence and the fence around the gas cylinder which you can use to chain the bike to and it can remain on site for the 4 days of the training.


Please make sure the children have their water bottles and a good sized snack for those four mornings. 


The children are welcome to wear comfy clothes for the bike training as long as they have something with the school logo on top (PE t-shirt, white polo with logo or school jumper) and they bring their school uniform ready to change into for the afternoon. Or alternatively they can wear school uniform and trainers.


If you have any questions, please come and ask :)


Mr Walker

Homework time again :)


Their second piece of topic homework is due on Monday 14th December, again - please send these in electronically to me at


I look forward to seeing what they (and probably you too!) have been up to.


Mr Walker

Joe Wicks HIIT for Children in Need :)

Beginning the building of our Mayan pyramid inventions

For those who need it - my email address is


Thanks for all the amazing looking homeworks that have been sent in so far!

PE 20th October - Group balance routines and river crossing

These Year 6s had a great time at the Hurst and thoroughly enjoyed baking cookies and using the bunsen burners!

PE - Teamwork in trying to complete the River Crossing challenge!

7th September - Learning New Things and practising our growth mindsets

September 2020!


Hello! I am so excited to be welcoming the Year 6s back on Monday and to welcoming the Year 5s into Hornbeam. It is such a long time since I've heard this classroom reverberate with the sounds of a happy, full class. It's going to be different, but hopefully also very normal for them and a chance for them to be back into socialising and into learning with their peers.


We have lots of exciting topics to learn about and lots of catching up to do, I will be sending home a curriculum letter for this term towards the end of next week so you are aware of what we will be learning about.


Please read all of the communications that Mrs Harris has been sending as they will help you ensure that you are sending your children in ready for school and that they have everything they need to be ready for starting back. There are lots of changes as we adapt to the changing situation and I'm having to constantly re-read them to make sure I know what is going on!!


If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to speak to me - otherwise, I look forward to seeing you all again on Monday :)


Mr Walker