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I will put the link below for the Year 6 parents to be able to watch their children's leavers assembly at 10:45 - you will be able to join the meeting from 10:45 and it will start at 11, I won't be able to admit anybody after 11am.


It is a Google meet - you just need to click on the link and I will be able to admit you - if your e-mail address is not your name please send me an e-mail at so I know what your e-mail address is, otherwise I won't know who you are and may need to verify who you are before being able to allow you to stay.




Also if it doesn't work - please bare with us, I have tried my hardest to make sure this works but who knows - we have never tried anything like this before!


See you then :)


Mr Walker



Maths - Friday 10th July

These mental maths tests are great for practising and reminding yourselves of the range of maths being taught through the year. Work on one or so a day, if you get stuck on any then ask parents to make up some similar questions or please message me - I am here to help if you need me!

Mental health activities - some lovely ideas for talking points and daily routines

Writing Friday 10th July

Friday 3rd July Writing

Friday 26th June


I will be using this page for home learning from now on - I have more time to be able to work with those of you at home and I will be doing so by putting up appropriate work here for parents and children to be able to access. Obviously also continue with whatever else you have been doing if it works for you and especially carry on with BBC Bitesize and Oak Academy which are incredible but I will be highlighting things that will specifically help them going into Year 6.


I have created an assignment on Google Classroom called 'Learning Summer Term' where the children can message me for help or to show me what they have been doing from the work I put on here - please encourage them to re-engage with me on there, I would love to be able to help them again. Alternatively you can email me at with any questions or comments of how I can help you more.


I have put up lots of arithmetic work for Maths this week - it is so important that the children practise these as much as possible so that they are confident with their number work ready for Year 6.
There is a bank here of writing ideas and also a unit based around The Wind in the Willows with a link to where the children can access the text and then a series of activities following a similar structure to one we would normally follow in a literacy unit in school.

Topic ideas Friday 26th June

I have attached here lots of reading ideas - there is a scavenger hunt, a longer resource pack for Y5 and some ideas for activities when Reading.


There is also a unit called A Sprinkle of Sorcery - I will put up units like this weekly - they are great as the children should be able to access them independently or with a little support. Enjoy!

Reading 24th June


There are loads of great online texts in this resource which will help you get some great reading across different genres and some ideas to go along with each genre.

More music activities to be trying at home

The year 6s in school have been creating comic strips about their lockdown experience. I will put up the comic strip templates tomorrow so if you want to create one I would love to see some from you at home :)


If you want to do one, plan a story about your lockdown in bullet points, somewhere between 15 and 22 bullet points would be good or even more if you fancy a bigger project, then each bullet point can become a box in your comic strip. 

Wednesday 10th June


This week we have been writing a production for the Year 6s for the end of year - all about something going terribly wrong during a normal day at Ashford Hill School, why don't some of you write some and send them in to us to read on Google Classroom?


We have also been doing some self portraits like the ones below - take a photo of yourself, chop it up, stick some on a piece of paper and then fill in the gaps. I'd love to see some from you guys at home :)

Dear Hornbeam,


It has been lovely working with so many of you through lockdown and communicating through Google Classrooms. Thank you to those who have been so positive and who have been so willing to engage and to just get on with the new way of doing things - it has been a blessing to have so many sensible, polite children who have made this time so enjoyable. You are all a credit to your parents 😃


However it is now going to change, I will be working in school full time and will not be able to do break times or put up work as regularly as I have been doing.


I am of course still here for those of you working from home so please message me if you need me and I will respond as soon as I can.


Mrs Harris has sent a letter to your parents outlining what will be happening which I have attached below for you to see. Baaically, those of you learning from home will have BBC bitesize, Doodle, the work I have put in the other subjects section and spellings / guided reading activities to be getting on with.


Please keep posting your work on the classroom to keep in touch with each other. 


Mr Walker

-BBC Dance Mat touch typing.
-Scratch - Free to set up an account and there are tutorials available when you login.
-It would be great for you to do lots of different types of projects in ICT - making a powerpoint, creating a video, digital art, making a quiz, animating a story, creating a stop frame animation, creating posters etc about our topics - WW2, Electricity, Light, Buddhism etc.

-Drawing and painting outside - now that the weather is so lovely I would like you to practise your drawing and painting of real life. Go outside, sketch some trees or benches or whatever you can see, work on them and improve them and then end up by putting them all together to make some landscape pictures of whole scenes.

-Create a world map to show which countries were involved in World War 2 and on which sides they were on.
-Create a presentation or poster about Human Geography - what is human geography?

-Electricity - find out about famous scientists who have helped make electricity become what it has today, who are they? what did they do?

-Begin to research about WW2 and who was involved.
-Make a timeline to show how WW2 started, when did all the countries become involved? What were the main events that led to the start of WW2?

-Find out about Buddhism and where it originates from. Who do they worship? What countries did it originate in? What are the foundations of Buddhist beliefs?

-Cycling proficiency - take to your bikes and practice some safe riding where you can. Once you are confident on your bikes, create courses to follow with obstacles and check points that you have to get to along the way.
-Take to the road with your parents, get a parent to come out on their bike with you if possible and to teach you about how to ride safely on the road when there are potentially dangers around you.

Guided reading activity ideas