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Hornbeam's Google classroom us up and running and ready for you all to use...


To access it, follow these steps:


1)      Sign in to a Google account – this preferably will be your own or your child’s, this way when you log into the Google Classroom then any work, comments etc. will come up as being from your child.
If you don’t want to use or create your own google account then you can use your class e-mail address to login as below, the only drawback to this being that your child will then be logged in as 'Hornbeam' and will need to ensure they name everything clearly for me and their friends. The password for the e-mail address is AshfordHill.

2) Go to Google classroom (you can find it in the nine dot menu at the top right of a Google page or can just search Google classrooms)


3) Enter the class code - uoggt5b


4) Say hello and start looking around the classroom :)


Just e-mail if you have any queries,


Mr Walker

While we are in the current situation of some families self isolating, I will be updating this page with work on a regular basis. It will be in line with what we are doing in class so that your children are not missing out on the fun!


We have exercise books available for those who are self isolating so please feel free to contact me and arrange some method of getting hold of one if you need it. Similarly, if you have any questions about the work or about anything, please feel free to e-mail me - my address is below.


My advice with this is to set aside periods during the course of the day that your children know are for doing school work - then keep to it and set it as a routine. This will help them get into the flow of working at home and could hopefully make life easier for you with respect to settling them in to work!


Hope you all keep well, look forward to seeing you all again soon.


Alex Walker





I will update regularly but please continue with doodle tables and doodle maths.

Also I have created each of the children in the class an account on two new apps - Times Table Rock Stars and Numbots. This company have offered schools free access to the apps during this tricky time which is extremely kind. If you would like your child's username and password please e-mail me and I will send it to you.



BBC Dance Mat touch typing

Scratch - Free to set up an account and there are tutorials available when they login

Research and presenting findings about current topics (use of Powerpoint, Word etc.)



Still life drawing - sketching what is in front of them.



Find out about the physical and human characteristics of the UK and present your work in some way.



Explain how the digestive system and circulatory system work together to help your body get nutrients, minerals and water to the places they are needed. Draw a diagram and label it to show how this works.

Research evolution, adaptation and inheritance - what do these terms mean and why were they so important as a new theory? 

Present some information about how different animals and plants have adapted to suit their environment - what makes them suited perfectly to their habitat?



Research Ancient Greece, write about how it is similar and how it is different with our culture and society.

Design your own city state - what would it look like and how would it be run.

Draw and label a hoplite and a trireme to show why they were so effective in battle.



Learn about Easter and how it is studied around the world. Where did it originate from? How is it similar and different in different parts of the world? Create a fact file or poster about what you have found out.



We've been learning some gymnastics skills - get out into the garden or around the house and practise some of your moves! Try putting them together to make a series of skills the work as a routine.


Guided reading activity ideas

English - writing fables