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Our vision is to strategically support and challenge Ashford Hill Primary School to provide an outstanding education for every child.

Governing Body responsibilitiesWheel of Governance

The Key, 2016 



To ensure these responsibilities are met the governing body is split into two main sub committees:


The curriculum committee looks at pupil progress to ensure that each child is meeting their educational expectations, and working at greater depth where relevant. Where additional support is required or available it ensures it is tailored to the needs of the individual. Additionally the curriculum committee receives presentations from the subject leaders to better understand the focus for the main areas of learning. 


The resources committee undertake the financial management and health and safety issues that are important to the smooth running of the school as well as allocate the financial resources that fund the upgrading of facilities within the school, both physical in terms of the building and IT and ensure that any additional learning assistance is well financed. 


Additionally a pay and performance committee, made up of members from the Resources Committee, ensure pay awards are directly related to performance and that all performance targets are both challenging and aligned to the school improvement plan.


Governors regularly visit the school, and talk to staff, children and volunteers to better understand the school and validate information they are receiving in meetings is accurate.  Each visit is aligned to specific actions on the school improvement plan and findings reported back to the relevant committee.

Contact the Governors

If you have any queries, concerns or feedback please let us know and we will ensure the appropriate governor gets back to you as quickly as possible. If you would prefer to be contacted by phone please leave contact details in the body of the message.

Governor Role(s) Committees


End Date Registered Interests
Kate Harris





Head Teacher    
Amy Bridger   Curriculum Parent 19/01/24  
Richard Saunders Vice Chair Resources, Curriculum Parent 20/12/21  
Philip Crisford   Resources  Co-opted 23/11/22  
Belinda Mines   ​Curriculum (Chair) Co-opted 12/07/23  
Peter Grayson   Resources Co-opted 23/11/22  
Susan Henson   Curriculum, Resources (Chair) Local Authority 18/05/23  
Mandy Larby Clerk        
Mark Larby Chair





Governor - PHS

Director AFA MAT

Wife - Staff of SLS & Clerk to AHPS Gov

Anna Chicken   Curriculum (Vice Chair) Co-opted 14/01/23 St Gabriel's school staff member
Ben Dixon   Curriculum Staff 31/08/21  
Andrew Wood   Resources (Vice Chair) Co-opted 05/07/24  
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