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We are working to develop the essential characteristics of good writers to have:


  • The ability to write fluently and with interesting detail on a number of topics throughout the curriculum
  • A vivid imagination which makes readers engage with and enjoy their writing
  • A highly developed vocabulary and an excellent knowledge of writing techniques to extend details or description
  • Well organised and structured writing, which includes a variey of sentence structures
  • Excellent transcription skills that ensure their writing is well presented and punctuated, spelled correctly and neat
  • A love of writing and an appreciation of its educational, cultural and entertainment values.


We are working to develop the essential characteristics of good readers to have


  • Excellent phonic knowledge and skills - we teach children phonics using the DfE's published 'Letters and Sounds' Scheme.
  • Fluency and accuracy in reading across a wide range of contexts throughout the curriculum
  • Knowledge of an extensive and rich vocabulary
  • An excellent comprehension of texts - our reading scheme is mainly Oxford Reading tree, but we use a range of texts that are book banding into a colour scheme
  • The motivation to read for both study and pleasure
  • Extensive knowledge through having read a rich and varied range of texts


We are working to develop the essential characteristics of good communicators to have


  • An exceptional talent for listening attentively so as to understand what is being said
  • A rich and varied vocabulary that gives clarity and interest to conversations
  • Clear speech that can be easily understood by a range of audiences
  • An excellent grasp of the rules used in English conversation
  • A highly developed ability to tell stories
  • A delight in initiating and joining in conversations
  • Respect for others when communicating, even when views differ - respect


For a detailed breakdown of learning objectives by year group see PDF files below