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At Ashford Hill Primary we have designed a creative curriculum to engage and motivate our learners. We have four drivers that are central to all our planning and teaching of the curriculum. These drivers are used to shape learning at our school.


REAL EXPERIENCES - we believe that children learn by doing, so we take them on lots of educational visits, invite speakers into school, bring in artefacts and interesting objects, use our environment to spark learning.

LET CHILDREN STEER - we discuss with children what they want to find out about a topic and once the basics have been covered we ensure that there is time for children to direct how the learning will flow. This isn't to say that any of the rigour of the learning is lost, quite the opposite - if the children are really wanting to discover more about a topic then the quality is of work produced is often exceptional.

PROBLEM SOLVING - we want children to be able to think creatively and question. We believe that in the future problem solving is going to be key to their future success and the ability to tackle problems in a range of ways will help them succeed.

COMMUNITY - Ashford Hill is is a wonderful place to come to school and learn; we want children to be aware that they are a central part of a small community and have a role to play in that community. They are also part of a bigger national and international community. We have links with the local church, many people and groups in the village and also with the wider world and we are linked with a school and community in Uganda


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