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Welcome to the Chestnut Class Page!

Updated 20.1.20


The trip to the Army Museum is on Thursday 23rd January NOT Wednesday.

Apologies for any confusion caused!

Updated 17.1.20


Chestnut class have had a busy week and we have been working hard on our acrostic poems in English as well as measuring and comparing our heights in class. It seems as though some children having been growing throughout the week!

Spellings were tested today and the children will be bringing their spelling books home on Monday to show you how well they have done. Please ensure these are returned before Friday as we will need them for their next test.

Below I have put this weeks spellings for the children to start practising and they will also be stuck into their yellow spelling books that they will bring home on Monday.



Next week on Thursday 23rd January is our school trip to the Army Flying Museum in Middle Wallop.

The coach will be leaving promptly at 9AM so please ensure your child is in school by 8:40am to help us to leave on time.

They will need coats and they will need to be wearing normal school uniform not their PE kits.

They will need a packed lunch and refillable water bottles which can be in normal lunchboxes and they can use the water bottle they use for school. We will have a place to store these while we are having fun on our trip.



We are now using our phonics groups as our spelling groups.

The children know which teacher they have and so their spelling are as follows:


Mrs Y's Phonics Group

owl frown low snow fried cried replied thief belief where who


Mrs R's Group

street strand think thank fresh twisting flair my are come


Mrs D's Group

bow cow how burn hurt turn coin soil you all


These will be stuck into the children's yellow spelling books and brought home on Monday. Please encourage the children to write their spellings in their planners and begin practising them ready to be tested on Friday 24th January.

Updated 13th January 2020


Happy New Year!

We have a great start to the term and the children have taken flight straight into the new year. We have begun with term with a new topic called The Wright Flight. In this topic we will be investigating the history of flight and the important people who made it happen.


Next week (23rd Jan) we will be visiting the Army Flying Museum in Middle Wallop. This will be trip filled with high flying fun (pun intended!) and learning about how we took to the skies.


This weeks spellings were given out on Friday and will be tested this Friday (17.1.20). Once they have been tested the children will be bringing new spellings and their spelling books home to show how brilliantly they did. These are little yellow books and will need to be brought back into school on the following Monday (ready for practise and the next test).



We have had a great start to this half term. We have been exploring toys from the Victorian times which included trying to roll a hoop as far as possible!

In English we have been writing our own instructions. We started with something simple until the children were instructing Mrs Dixon and Mrs Cole how to make a jam sandwich. It got a little messy!!


We have been spending lots of 'time' working our maths this week too. The children been learning to tell the time and we even made our own clocks.



Please ensure your child has their PE kits in on a Thursday as it is our PE afternoon.



We have had a great start to this half term!

We have travelled in time to visit the dinosaurs and explored the fossils they left behind.

This week we have travelled back to the time of the first humans! The discovery of fire and how important it became to humans. We will be exploring how we use heat and how it has helped us to change into the people we are today.


Today the children will be bringing home their first spellings of the term.

These will be tested on Monday 7th Oct.

The spellings will be on the website below under 'Homework' in case anything gets lost the children will still be able to practise their spellings.


Spelling will now be coming home weekly and, from next week, they will be linking with the sounds the children are learning in phonics.


Here are a few ideas of how the children can practise their spellings at home;

make the words using spaghetti, dry or cooked, good fun if cooked :)

Painting the letters to form their words

timing themselves- how times can they write the word in 30secs

Using natural materials to make their words


As an extra activity they could use the words in a sentence.



A few photos from the term so far!

A few photos from the term so far! 1
A few photos from the term so far! 2
A few photos from the term so far! 3
A few photos from the term so far! 4
A few photos from the term so far! 5
A few photos from the term so far! 6
A few photos from the term so far! 7
A few photos from the term so far! 8
A few photos from the term so far! 9
A few photos from the term so far! 10
A few photos from the term so far! 11
A few photos from the term so far! 12
A few photos from the term so far! 13
A few photos from the term so far! 14
A few photos from the term so far! 15
A few photos from the term so far! 16
A few photos from the term so far! 17
A few photos from the term so far! 18
A few photos from the term so far! 19


We HIGHLY recommend you visit and try some of their free phonics games. The children have loved them and they have made a big impact.



Reading -  At least five times a week and reading is always king, if you have not got enough time for homework please put reading as a priority. Enjoy listening, reading to and most importantly taking about what you like in the story with your child, a good conversation really helps them to understand what they have read.



This term we are going to be Time Travellers! We will be exploring different periods of times and the big events that happened. This will include Monarchs, lifestyle and how life has changed for children since the 1800's.



Spellings will start being sent home WB 16th September. They will consist of common exception words and words that follow a spelling pattern or particular spelling rule. They will be given on a Friday to be tested the following Friday. Please support and encourage your children to practise reading and writing their spellings.


Maths -

Please encourage your child to complete 20 stars on their doodle maths each week. This is part of their homework. If you have any problems or queries regarding Doodle maths please talk to Mrs Dixon or Mrs Yockney.


Please visit the >Numicon< website for free downloadable resources, should you need them to support your child at home.