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Sport at Ashford Hill   Welcome to our sports page…

We are proud of our children’s sporting achievements – our ethos is to be the best that we can be so we challenge the children to improve in everything they do, show good sportsmanship and play fairly.


Zara and Nicole challenged themselves to 'double skip'. Now the playground is full of children attempting the double, treble and even quadruple skips!!


Currently we aim for 2 hours of PE every week – this is a REAL PE session plus a more sport focus session with Mason, our sports coach.

REAL PE is based around agility, balance and coordination and is the foundation for all competitive sport. This weekly session is taught by class teachers. At the moment Hornbeam and Oak are having weekly swimming lessons at Tadley Swimming Pool – this will culminate in a gala on Tuesday December 8th.

Mason is our sports coach who works with most of the classes each week to offer sports specific skills – currently we are working on our footballing skills.

Other coaching such as gymnastics, athletics etc are provided by external coaches through our link with the West Berkshire Sports Network.

After school clubs:

We offer rugby, cross country running and Dancephaze sessions during the Autumn term.


Last year we took part in a wide range of activities outside school:






Cross country


Ten-pin bowling


Dodge ball

Kwik cricket


We aim to enter the same range this year.


We are delighted to advertise the fact that two of our pupils who moved on to Park House Secondary School this year have been selected for their Gifted and Talented programme for sport – well done Leah and Ellen, we are so pleased your abilities have been recognised and will be developed further. 


India is our cross country expert - she joins Mrs Yockney and lots of other children every Wednesday for training, is part of The Kennet Athletics Club and has been very successful with her running.