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Memories of pupils that have now moved on.

Class of 2015

I'm really gonna miss everyone here. I'm crying as I write this. I have so many good memories here. My 7 years here have been very eventful and I will miss everyone! Lucy


I have enjoyed my seven years at this school. I will miss all the teachers and my best friends. I am moving to Swindon so I won't see anyone any more. My best friends are Abbie, Lily and Lucy. Olivia


My favourite part of the year has been PE with Mason, swimming and being with my teachers. Sophie 


Ashford Hill is the best school ever. The school has inspired me with many things. I am sad to leave, Mason is the best PE teacher ever!! Daisy


I have enjoyed sports at Ashford Hill especially PE with Mason and swimming at Tadley Pool. I have only been here for a short time but I wish I'd been here sooner. Jay


I have been at Ashford Hill for 7 years and I'm going to miss everyone especially Olivia as she is moving to Swindon. I am really, really sad I love this school to pieces and I am really going to miss everyone. This is the best school. Abbie


I really enjoyed my 7 years of fun and laughter at this school. I will miss everyone that has helped me get through the years (Mrs Gundry and Mrs Gough especially). I will never forget you. Lily


I've enjoyed being in this school because I've met loads of AMAZING people. Rebecca


I enjoyed PE at Ashford Hill and I also loved the climbing wall. I loved doing PE with Mason, he is really fun. Sam 


My memories of Ashford Hill are amazing. I have had such a great time here. I always have gone to this school, I will really miss it I was so welcomed and I can talk to everybody but at the worst there are a lot of students at my new one! I will miss my teachers and my friends. Freddie


I have been at Ashford Hill for 7 years and I want to stay for another 7! Everyone at this amazing school is helpful, smiling and VERY friendly. I have made many friends and happy memories and I really don't want to leave. My best moment was when I became team captain for Saxifrage! Heidi


My life at Ashford Hill has been amazing because everybody has been so polite and friendly. I've been here from the start and I wouldn't have it any other way. When I first came I was so nervous but over the years I have become like a piece of furniture in the school. I've got a new best friend (Ellie) and my final sports day I won 2 races. I wouldn't change my experience. Daisy M 


I joined Ashford Hill in year one and everything from that point on was amazing. PE lessons have always been great fun. On sports day I did three races and came first, first and third and it was the best sports day ever! One of my best experiences was to have the honour of being picked as Charlie for the school play. I am going t mo be sad to leave but I can't wait to start my new adventure. Lorna


This year I have enjoyed the lovely smallness of the school, the teachers are amazing. I've been a team captain, great but hard! School's so lovely. Liam


My memories of Ashford Hill are endless. I have enjoyed being in this school because:

Naming a chicken - Frankie

Going to JCA

PE with Mason

My favourite teachers




I've only been here for three years but have felt like I've known everyone for years. My favourite moments are when we went on residential and met my first teacher Mr Dixon. I would never change my school for the world and how I've grown with it. Zara