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We have finally reached the end of our stories! Oak Class have all worked tremendously hard on their creative sci-fi stories and all deserve a big pat on the back. They have learnt it is not about using lots of a descriptive device but a little bit of different styles of writing, sentences, punctuation, adjectives, fronted adverbials... the list goes on but by using a bit of everything they have created fantastic pieces stories. They even got to enjoy the lovely weather, sat around the field, reading and listening to each others work.


In maths, we have been looking at lines of symmetry but also how to draw shapes using rulers and protractors with a high level of accuracy. This lead to some investigation of the inside angles of regular shapes. We will continue to learn about both lines of symmetry and reflective symmetry over two and even four quadrants next week.


Just a few helpful notes:

P.E - Tuesday afternoons (Real PE) and Wednesday mornings, please remember kits and hairbands.

Homework - Will be another project based study - this term will have two science topics: Classification of plants and animals, followed by Changing states / water cycle.

Doodle maths: 40 - 70 stars a week.

Reading - Five sessions a week at least please.

Spellings - Friday mornings.

Times tables- Friday mornings.

School planners - not out and being uses. please keep them in their bags so they can go back and forth. We need these every Friday so we cans stick in new spellings. Check the back for useful information on spellings, phonics, vocabulary and maths support.


National Down Syndrome Day #lotsofsocks

Homework - now uploaded


Reading -  At least five times a week and reading is always king, if you have not got enough time for homework please put reading as a priority. Enjoy listening, reading to and most importantly taking about what you like in the story with your child, a good conversation really helps them to understand what they have read.


Topic - This term's topic has a science focus on both electricity this half term and forces/magnetism in the second half term. The homework sheet has been sent out and has been uploaded to the site below, along with this terms topic planner, for you to download if you need another copy.


Spelling  - check the children's planners please!

The children are working to develop their understanding, use and ability to spell words from the year 3 / 4 word list (curriculum). They have selected words they have found difficult following some assessment!




Tables - every Friday morning and returned to the children Monday - to allow for marking time.