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Welcome to Maple Class 2017 - 2018

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This year our class is a pure Year 2 class; we are enthusiastic, hard working and creative. 

Our teacher this year is Mrs Yockney supported by Mrs Cole, and Mrs Bowley-Booth.


PE - PE lessons are on Mondays  and Wednesdays. Children wear PE kit to school on a Wednesday. A pair of trainers should be kept in school in case we have an impromptu PE activity on other days. 

Homework - two pieces related to our 'We are Astronauts' topic (before half term) and 'How does your garden grow' (after half term) - for details see homework sheet

Spellings - usually given on a Friday for a test the following Friday (there is space in our planners for practice)

Times tables or number bonds  - to be practised daily (tested on Fridays)

Reading - everyday is a must! (You can record any books read, whether school or your own, in planners, which will be checked every Monday)

Helpers - We welcome help in Maple Class anytime. Especially for a 10 - 15 minutes at the beginning of each day when we would like to focus on our reading and spelling. If you can help in any way at any time please speak to Mrs Yockney or another member of Maple Class staff.

Any questions or problems, we have an open door policy or you can email

Week ending 8th June


What a week we  have had!


Maple Class has been a hive of activity this week, any employer would be pleased to have had this work force. The children have put together over 60 DIY Grass Head Kits to sell - currently we have collected over £200 from our sales.  Thank you to everyone who has bought a kit, happy growing and feel free to share photographs of your Grass Heads once you've styled their hair.


Wednesday saw the first lesson in road safety for us all. A programme called Streets Ahead is being taught to Year 2 children by a group of parent volunteers. The aim is to ensure the children are given lessons so they are confident and safe crossing roads. The lessons are a mixture of practical sessions with a written follow up using specifically designed work books. Many thanks to our kind volunteers.


Thursday we had a visitor in the school, Tommy Keough author of The Bogsproggler. He took an assembly with all the children and then visited each class. He introduced his book, the characters and gave the children an opportunity to draw his them. He took some photographs of the children's drawings to include in his blog. We were all given a badge and a signed copy of his book which we have started to read.


Many of you have been to see me or  have booked an appointment regarding your child's class for next year. Rest assured we take lots of factors into account before making any firm choices - one of which is talking to you, their parents. Please come and talk to me if you have any questions. Mrs Harris and I have timetabled sessions on Monday morning (11th June) after drop off, later the same morning and in the afternoon after school. If you haven't made an appointment but feel you'd like to please feel free to do so.


Week ending 25th May


Where has this half term gone? The children have worked really hard preparing for and taking their SATs papers.


SATs done we focused on our £50 project. The PTA have kindly given each class £50 which they have to invest and increase. Linked to our 'How does your garden grow?' We have decided to create DIY Mr / Mrs Grass Head kits. The children have researched the cost, created lists of what they needed, wrote a letter to parents, created a list of instructions, designed the boxes, weighed the sawdust, measured tights, grass seed, sorted small elastic bands and have begun collating lists of pre-orders. Maple Class has been a hive of activity - they are joining with Hornbeam Class for a table top sale on Thursday 7th June before school and from 3.00pm.

Please come and buy a kit. 

Thank you to all who came to our Class Assembly on May 18th. As with everything I ask the children to do they took the planning and delivery of their assembly with me being the facilitator. They really are amazing as a class - so motivated, hard working, polite, kind and brilliant to work with.


Homework - the is no homework for the half term save enjoying the sunshine, being children and recharging batteries ready for the second part of the summer term.


Our next topic is 'Earth Rocks' where we will explore the earth beneath our feet. We will explore the rocks, soils and materials naturally formed. We will look at the structure of the planet, how it’s made and where it fits into the universe. Explore the parts of the world with specific natural features and the origins of many of the materials we use. Look out for a parent information letter coming out soon.





Week ending 27th April


Two weeks into the summer term and Maple Class are working really hard.

They have Key Stage 1 SATs this half term so our topic continues as we still have many elements yet to cover in 'How Does Your Garden Grow'. I am not expecting any extra homework for this topic but encourage both the children and their parents to continue reading together, practising their times tables (concentrating on 2x, 3x, 5x, 10x), practising weekly spellings and continuing with their 10 minute tests in preparation for the SATs. Please let me know of any problems that arise so we can address them in class - I can guarantee if your child finds something tricky there will be others who do too.

English - we have been working on Traditional Tales this term so far. We have been reading various tales, answered guided reading questions, are making puppets to retell the story of Jim and the Giant - this is a follow on from Jack and the Beanstalk and we are working on writing our own traditional tale using one we know but with a twist. Some of the children are writing from a different character's point of view eg Baby Bear tells the story of when Goldilocks broke into his house, stole his breakfast, wrecked his chair and went to sleep in his bed! Others have changed the events and / or characters - I am looking forward to reading about Little Blue Riding Hood.


As always we have our personal My 5 and this week we are looking at words ending in either 'le' or 'el':

middle / circle / tickle / tunnel / camel / parcel / table / angel

We spent time in class discussing the tricky parts of each word  especially the double d in middle, double n in tunnel and the fact that the letter c can be both hard and soft.


Maths - we are learning the 'Bar Method' to help find missing numbers, daily using a specific number to fill in a number mat. Click on Daily Maths Mat below to give you an example of what we do.

Next week we will be revisiting several areas the children have requested help with - time, fractions and division. If your child has progressed through our times tables we will be giving them random tests to ensure the tables knowledge and recall is embedded.


£50 Project:

The PTA have given each class £50 for them to invest and increase - the class can then decide what they will spend their money on.

We have decided to make 'Grass Head Kits' to sell at a table top sale on June 8th.

The children will make the boxes, put together the packs, write the instructions and decorate the boxes. Grass heads link to our topic so we thought this would be a good idea - look out for our posters around the school.

We are collecting old tights to hold the sawdust and grass seeds - if you have any please bring them to Maple Class. 

Grass head

Grass head 1 This is an example of what the kit will make.

Daily Maths Mat

Summer 1 - homework letter

Week ending 16th March:


A big thank you to all parents and friends who came to our assembly on Thursday.

I was very proud of all the children as we had little planning and practice time, we had children who were poorly during the week, some who came back on Thursday and picked up their part in the assembly with no practice, we had children who came in for the assembly and have been off school unwell since.

Monday we began our planning with the children creating a massive alphabetical list of  learning in Maple Class, Tuesday I gave them the typed up list and the children took on planning to expand certain areas, Wednesday we had a partial run through with children disappearing for support from Mrs Cole, Mrs Bowley-Booth or myself so Thursday was the first proper run through and our assembly!! My amazing class - I am so so proud of them all.

Currently we are working on revision in readiness for our SATs tests in May. 

Our topic 'How does your garden grow?' is progressing well. The children have brought in some super examples of homework giving us extra experiments to work with. We visited Growing 2Gether Thursday 8th March - it was very cold but with Dee and Sharon the children consolidated their learning about plants, planted up some bulbs, played games to extend their knowledge and had a super day. A big thank you to Freddie's mum for driving us and to Cheam for allowing us to have a mini-bus and driver for the day.

We have planted our potatoes (brought them in this weekend due to the amber weather warning), set up experiments to demonstrate the stem transporting water from the roots to the flower - the children have written this experiment up formally to increase their written expertise.

Spelling for the next week are:

Individual My 5's

be   bee  won  one  flour  flower  bear  bare  blue  blew - the children need to work on recognising which homophone is which eg flour is used for cooking, flowers are the pretty part of the plant.

Good morning Maple Class on this very cold and snowy day.

Just a thought for you all - 


Have fun in the snow - wrap up warm (be winter ready with your hat, gloves, scarves etc) make a snow angel, a snow man or a snow sculpture (don't forget to bring photos to share) catch a snowflake on your tongue, go sledging and keep safe.


Write a snowy poem or story


Draw or make a snowflake


Paint or collage a snowy picture


Do some cooking


Something to think about ...?

My tap has frozen and I am longing for a cup of tea - how much snow would I need to make a lovely warm mug of tea on this cold morning?

Week ending 19th January:



We spent the week working on 2-D shapes looking at how many sides, angles and vertices they each have. We had fun making pictures using the different shapes - next week we will explore symmetry.



We have been learning all about diary writing. The children have read diary entries, noted the features, written their own based on the story of Dogger, they marked my dreadful attempt and then wrote all about their weekend.



We continued exploring our universe - the children very carefully painted the planets ready to make a mobile. Next we need to carefully cut them out.


We also experimented with the force needed to launch a small rocket made from card. We blew up a balloon, attached it to a straw which was on a string between two uprights and let it go. The children were trying to beat the distance my balloon went - most of them did!




can't            couldn't

didn't           I'll

hasn't           it's



The children have a small game of dominoes with these words plus the words before contracting eg I'll and I will.

Please play with your child - practice in a fun way

Happy New Year to you all and a big thank you for the gifts you kindly gave me for Christmas. I hope you all had a super time with your families and your children have recharged their batteries for the new term.

This half term our topic is 'We are Astronauts' - you should have received a homework sheet detailing expectations for Maple Class (a copy of which is on the website).



We began the term looking at poetry - reading and analysing space poems. We will be writing our own poems next week and learning one by heart to perform to the school and at our class assembly.



Our work so far is based around 2-D shapes, the children have been drawing, identifying and learning the features of squares, triangles, pentagons, hexagons and octagons. They used the shapes to create pictures - some are rockets and are on our topic board in the classroom.



We are Astronauts certainly has captured the children's imagination. We are investigating the space race, learning about the first animals and humans in space. We discovered a new twist on the report of Laika, the Russian dog sent into space. The story ends, not with her demise, but with an alien family taking her home and looking after her.

We have experimented with creating craters- using a dish of flour covered in cocoa powder we then dropped marbles from a height to make them.

Making craters

Making craters 1
Making craters 2

Homework Spring 2018