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Welcome to Maple Class 2018 - 2019


Maple Class this year is a mix of Year 2 and Year 3 children. 

Our teacher is Mrs Yockney and we are supported by Mrs Cole, Mrs Robertson and Mrs Bowley-Booth.

We are an energetic, enthusiastic bunch with a thirst for learning. 

Our PE days are Mondays and Wednesdays - please could you ensure that your child brings PE kit in ready to change on Mondays and wears their kit to school on Wednesdays. 

On Tuesday mornings the class is taught by Mrs Graham as this is Mrs Yockney's deputy time, on Wednesdays they have Mrs Graham followed by Mason for PE.

We would like to ask if any parent has time to offer support in class with reading, times tables, spellings or anything else please feel free to contact either Mrs Y or the school office. In particular if anyone could spare 10 minutes at drop off to hear one or two readers (we need the practice) we would be very grateful.

Maple Class in the sensory garden

Maple Class in the sensory garden 1

30th November

Maple Class are becoming much more independent and organised in their learning. They mostly come into class, read the board and start their learning straight away.

They are using the 6 B's to help them, are co-operating with each other and settling to their tasks much more quickly.

They had a super week of work based around Robin Hood.

Following a visit to The Watermill Theatre Maple Class concentrated on the character traits of the main characters, sorted them using a Venn Diagram, had a debate about whether Robin was a hero or villain and then wrote to King Richard in character asking for his help.

The children included a range of conjunctions and questions to showcase their learning in English this week.


Year 2 have been busy practising their Nativity - 'Gabriel's Big Break'. It looks to be a great production, the children know their words, sing all the songs (including a couple of solos) and are improving their acting skills along with their timing. If you haven't ordered your tickets yet - hurry as it is definitely not to be missed. 


Year 3 have been very independent in their learning whilst Year 2 have been rehearsing. Based around a hapless knight called Sir Kit they have researched about volcanoes, written letters, created a booklet and have moved on to find out if any of the species of shark are safe for people to swim with.



Following an assessment it became obvious that we needed to be more efficient in our methods of calculations. To this end we have experimented with using a blank number line to help us add 1-digit to 2-digit numbers and 2-digit to 2-digit numbers.



As we are nearing the end of our Roman topic we borrowed Mr Dixon's room (and projector) to watch BBC Bitesize video clips. Our projector has broken and we are awaiting a new one. 



Year 2

Test on 6.12.18


My 5 spellings + ‘ words  with the /s/ sound spelt ‘c’ or ‘s’

race             custard

ice                cone

fancy            cat

face              pencil



Year 3 – Long (e) in open syllables

Test on 6.12.18

even             equal

behind         begin

defend       depend

secret        lethal

prevent      depart


23rd November

This week ended with a visit to The Watermill Theatre to see Robin Hood - we had a fantastic time and would like to thank The PTA for subsidising the price and for the interval drinks and biscuits.


16th November

This Friday was Children in Need - we all came to school wearing our PJ's or onesies.

We raised nearly £200 as a school spending the day enjoying some Pudsey realted activities. I challenged the children to collage a Pudsey using an A5 piece of yellow paper, glue, no scissors and no waste. Not one single piece of paper was found on Maple Class carpet!

Children in Need


We began the term looking at Stanley Spencer's paintings and taking a trip to The Sandham Memorial Chapel in Burghclere.  Our focus was 'Camp at Karasuli', we explored the painting looking very closely at the detail and information it gave us about life of a soldier in WW1. At Sandham the children were amazed at the sheer size of the paintings - very much an awe and wonder moment.

Back in school we cut up a copy of the original painting; each child was given a piece to reproduce and then we pieced them back together like a jigsaw puzzle. 

Our composite picture of The Camp at Karasuli

Our composite picture of The Camp at Karasuli 1