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Welcome to Maple Class 2017 - 2018

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This year our class is a pure Year 2 class; we are enthusiastic, hard working and creative. 

Our teacher this year is Mrs Yockney supported by Mrs Cole, and Mrs Bowley-Booth.


PE - PE lessons are on Mondays  and Wednesdays. Children wear PE kit to school on a Wednesday. A pair of trainers should be kept in school in case we have an impromptu PE activity on other days. 

Homework - two pieces related to our 'We are Astronauts' topic (before half term) and 'How does your garden grow' (after half term) - for details see homework sheet

Spellings - usually given on a Friday for a test the following Friday (there is space in our planners for practice)

Times tables or number bonds  - to be practised daily (tested on Fridays)

Reading - everyday is a must! (You can record any books read, whether school or your own, in planners, which will be checked every Monday)

Helpers - We welcome help in Maple Class anytime. Especially for a 10 - 15 minutes at the beginning of each day when we would like to focus on our reading and spelling. If you can help in any way at any time please speak to Mrs Yockney or another member of Maple Class staff.

Any questions or problems, we have an open door policy or you can email

Week ending 19th January:



We spent the week working on 2-D shapes looking at how many sides, angles and vertices they each have. We had fun making pictures using the different shapes - next week we will explore symmetry.



We have been learning all about diary writing. The children have read diary entries, noted the features, written their own based on the story of Dogger, they marked my dreadful attempt and then wrote all about their weekend.



We continued exploring our universe - the children very carefully painted the planets ready to make a mobile. Next we need to carefully cut them out.


We also experimented with the force needed to launch a small rocket made from card. We blew up a balloon, attached it to a straw which was on a string between two uprights and let it go. The children were trying to beat the distance my balloon went - most of them did!




can't            couldn't

didn't           I'll

hasn't           it's



The children have a small game of dominoes with these words plus the words before contracting eg I'll and I will.

Please play with your child - practice in a fun way

Happy New Year to you all and a big thank you for the gifts you kindly gave me for Christmas. I hope you all had a super time with your families and your children have recharged their batteries for the new term.

This half term our topic is 'We are Astronauts' - you should have received a homework sheet detailing expectations for Maple Class (a copy of which is on the website).



We began the term looking at poetry - reading and analysing space poems. We will be writing our own poems next week and learning one by heart to perform to the school and at our class assembly.



Our work so far is based around 2-D shapes, the children have been drawing, identifying and learning the features of squares, triangles, pentagons, hexagons and octagons. They used the shapes to create pictures - some are rockets and are on our topic board in the classroom.



We are Astronauts certainly has captured the children's imagination. We are investigating the space race, learning about the first animals and humans in space. We discovered a new twist on the report of Laika, the Russian dog sent into space. The story ends, not with her demise, but with an alien family taking her home and looking after her.

We have experimented with creating craters- using a dish of flour covered in cocoa powder we then dropped marbles from a height to make them.

Making craters

Making craters 1
Making craters 2

Homework Spring 2018