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Thank you to all the parents that contributed to our John Lewis vouchers - very generous and thoughtful :)

Hornbeam Staff

£50 challenge profit - £100 has gone to the 'Make a Wish Foundation' and the rest used for a fun science afternoon!

Y6 think safe

Thank you everyone who supported the table top sale today - Hornbeam raised £253.28 with IOUs and summer fayre sales still to come!

Great visit from tommy keough, author of ‘the bogsproggler’ today

Fun day at the beach in the rain celebrating all the hard work the year 6s have been putting in over the last year!

15 Our Story Begins (instrumental).wma

01 Our Story Begins.wma

Highlight of the week for the Year 6s! Thank you to the PTA

thank you sainsburys for the sats fruit donation!

thank you sainsburys for the sats fruit donation! 1

sunny afternoon art

Homeworks - some great ideas this time, well done children! (And Parents!)

PE with Mr Mandry from Park House School - the children are lucky to have a 6 week period with him, they have done archery and will be doing orienteering from next week. See below the photos of indoor caving!

Happy snow day :)


If you’re reading this then enjoy yourself and make sure you bring in something to show what you have done! Maybe a photo or piece of art or even a poem/story about your adventures :)


Make the most of the snow and put down your PS4 controllers. 


See you Monday

Consumer research - getting feedback and ideas for their project ideas

Celebration street party to mark the end of our topic :)

WW2 Abandoned Museum - The class looked fantastic and enjoyed showcasing everything they had learnt, well done to them!

finishing touches to our WW2 models in preparation for the abandoned museum

Growing 2gether, a great day out full of activity and fun where the children learnt all about rationing and being an evacuee. We also had the opportunity to take part in a national science survey

kit malthouse mp visit - a topical q&a session around the current school budget and an insight into the life of an mp!

Thank you to Amanda Bates, a local artist, for giving up her time to talk to the children about her life and about how artists during WW2 carried out their work. She did some sketching with the children and even produced some sketches of some!

War Games - Thank you Richard Oates for sharing his hobby with us and teaching us all about D-Day and the military forces involved in the war

First stages of WW2 vehicle building

Science - Honest!

Welcome! Welcome back to all those Hornbeam parents from last year and welcome to the new parents, the children have come back excited and with an excellent attitude and they all seem to have had an excellent summer.


Please remember that my door is always open, if you have any question - big or small - please don't hesitate to come and ask me in the morning or after school.


Meet the teacher sessions are running next Thursday (14th) during the afternoon and after school so please come in to find out about me and the year ahead and to ask any questions you might have.


I look forward to seeing you around school,

Alex Walker