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Barton Hall 2017

Apologies to the parents of Team Y but having taken my camera and a multi-card reader for downloading my photos I thought I was all set to share. Sadly the multi-card reader could read all but my camera's memory card!!

I will attach now I have been able to download.  Mrs Y.

Just about to leave and thanking Louis our group leader with a good soaking!

Team w survivor training

Team w buggy build

Team w nature trail

Team w orienteering

Team W archery

Ready for Morning activities :)

Evening activity - passport to the world!

Team w getting revenge after some tricky problem solving!

Team w zipping down

Team w zipping down 1

Robot wars!

Team w sensory trail

Team w fencing

Team w fencing 1


Team walker crate challenge on and rock climbing

Fedding time!

Fedding time! 1
Fedding time! 2
Fedding time! 3
Fedding time! 4
Fedding time! 5

7.10 ready for breakfast

7.10 ready for breakfast 1
7.10 ready for breakfast 2

Lunch pit stop

Lunch pit stop 1
Lunch pit stop 2
Lunch pit stop 3
Lunch pit stop 4
Lunch pit stop 5

Barton Hall Residential 2017


We will keep you posted on this page of our adventures in Devon.